3 Big Mistakes to Avoid When After Being Arrested for DUI

3 Big Mistakes to Avoid When After Being Arrested for DUI

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You’re on your way home from a Friday night after work get together with friends and you hear the siren. You pull over and the next thing you know you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence. After you’re arrested for DUI, it’s important to try to keep your wits about you and not make any big mistakes.

3 big mistakes to avoid after you’ve been arrested for DUI

1. Don’t assume DUI shouldn’t be taken seriously

If the officer finds probable cause to arrest you, know California has an implied consent law state which means after an arrest you are required to submit to a chemical test (if you aren’t arrested you aren’t obligated). If you fail the test, don’t tell yourself it’s not serious. It is.

You never want to lie to police but if asked if you’ve been drinking, you also don’t want to admit to it without legal advice. It’s best to exercise your Fifth Amendment rights until you speak to a Laguna Niguel DUI lawyer. The Golden State has some of the strictest DUI laws in the country and it’s not a charge to take lightly. If convicted, there are definite consequences.

2. Believe you can talk your way out of it

Some people mistakenly believe if no one was hurt and no property was damaged they can talk their way out of the arrest. This is a big mistake because if you try to talk to police or prosecutors without legal representation, you can damage your case. You could end up with a worse outcome than you would have had with an attorney present to speak on your behalf. Never discuss your case with anyone but your lawyer.

3. Plead guilty without getting legal advice

Often people “know” someone who has been arrested for DUI who is eager to offer advice. Don’t be tempted to take this guidance. Every case is different, and you don’t want to receive bad advice that can have serious consequences for you. Even if you’ve failed the chemical test, you’ll want legal advice. Most attorneys offer a free consultation.

If you are arrested for drinking and driving contact, or have a friend or family member call, a lawyer for you without delay. He or she can advise you of your rights and direct you how to proceed. You’ll want to retain a DUI attorney to represent you when your case goes to court. Never plead guilty to a DUI charge before getting legal advice from an expert, such as a Laguna Niguel DUI lawyer. California takes drinking and driving very seriously and, if convicted, even a first-time offender will receive a penalty. Your attorney can ensure you have the best possible outcome.






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