3 Inbound Marketing Trends That You Need To Focus In 2018

3 Inbound Marketing Trends That You Need To Focus In 2018

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The term inbound marketing was first introduced to the world almost 12 years back. From that time onwards it has developed a reputation among marketers for itself. Inbound marketing was specifically defined as a technique of attracting audience through content and engagement towards company product and services.

It has potential to convert target audience into an follower and then transforming them into an potential buyers. The base remains same till the date but the trend of handling it is been changing after every interval.

So, we are already aware about the basics of inbound marketing, lets just get straight to the marketing trends which you need to work upon in 2018 carefully :-

  1. Do Guest Blogging


No need to mention, guest blog tends to bring a very new type of organic traffic. Nothing can be more precise and effective in bringing organic traffic as much as guest blog can. If you are not guest blogging consistently then most probably you are not aware about the loss you’re in due to this.

Blog generate traffic faster than any other method of inbound marketing, the most advantageous factor about guest blogging is that it brings the audience which is relevant to your business.

Inbound marketing do not waste time,  it aims at specific audience and interact with relevant target public. Still, if you have no traffic then it will take time to build the audience for you according to the situation.

  1. Well Informative Content Is Better


I have heard people saying shorter is better, limit the words in content as it will  pull the target audience towards the business. I’ll say make it informative doesn’t matter even if it is becoming longer in size. If you look upon some famous blogger then you will see they try to provide their audience with detailing of the subject no matter if the content is loading with the great amount of text too. 1000 word post is technically a well structured blog if it is not filled with unnecessary information.

According to the survey, most of the bloggers write 1000 word post mostly which means that people do read the content if it is relevant and making sense. So, don’t hesitate or restrict yourself from writing, if you provide quality work to the audience they will stick with your company no matter what.

  1. Be Consistent

This is the most common and most effective method of generating traffic for your website. Don’t just write whenever you are in mood or feel like, be consistent with your posts. Users need something, give them a reason to visit your page or site daily. This doesn’t imply that you will post anything which do not even relate to your profession. On a frequent basis provide the audience with some information or news on which they can follow up.

As i have already mentioned above, doesn’t matter if the information you want to give is long.  Write whatever necessary, if you feel something can’t be told to audience in one blog then continue giving information in next one. This will excite audience and lead them to your website every time in wait of next one.



Inbound marketing is not complicated but it kept changing after every single interval. You have to keep up with trend in order to stay ahead of your competitors, try to stay updated and if possible be unique. Keep all these points in mind next time when you’re working on your inbound marketing strategy.

Clare Louise

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