4 Ethnic Kurtis that you Must Own

4 Ethnic Kurtis that you Must Own

4 Ethnic Kurtis that you Must Own

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Kurtis are for anywhere and for anytime. Long back, their original version, the salwarkameez suit used to be the more comfortable and easy-going alternative of the sari as staple wear for Indian women. Time changed, and so did fashion; and now we have over two dozens of different styles, designs, cuts and print of women’s kurtas and kurtis. That has brought to the table a sheer amount of versatility and whole new range of styles. You will find them in your favorite designs at https://www.gofynd.com/women/ethnic-wear/kurta-kurtis-anarkalis/kurtis.

The best part about ethnic kurtis is that even the simplest of designs but the right cut and fit makes for the most elegant attire you can wear for any occasion.Here, we have listed the four types of ethnic kurtis that every woman must have in their wardrobe, irrespective of age:

  1. Regular PintuckKurti

Every woman needs something easy and super comfortable as daily wear attire for office or workplace. While most of the better styles are great for occasions like weddings and festivals, it is hard to find a kurti which can be worn to professional places on a daily basis. Regular cut kurtis with pintuck stripes are a great style for this purpose. They have the simplicity of workplace attire, as well as the needed grace. Pair it with leggings or palazzos, and you are ready for the rest of the day outside.

  1. Anarkali style Kurtis

Anarkalis have swept the fashion world off its feet with its charm and elegance in the last few decades. Originating from the legendary character of history and later made popularised by movies, the name Anarkali and the outfit associated with have been in Indian fashion for a while now. Angrakha is a similar style of kurti, where one part of the top is tied at the side over the other half or made to look so. This one is inspired by the way musicians used to dress back in time. The two styles are often combined to create even more fashionable clothing.

Other than saris, this is any India woman’s go-to wear for any occasion that demands traditional dressing-up.

Multi-layered Kurtis

Double layers not only add volumes to a piece of clothing, but it is also an opportunity for designers to play around with different shapes and shades, and experiment with ideas like color blocking and asymmetry. The women’s ethnic wear market at present is overrun by multi-layered kurtis. They come in regular straight-cuts lateral layers, for example, a shiny transparent layer over the heavily decorated bodywork. Sometimes, the floor length Anarkalis or Angrakhas are added with a layer only at the hemline to make it look more regal and flowing. Multi-layers with a slit upfront are a very chic and contemporary style as well.

  1. Long straight cut Kurtis

One of the newest kids on the block, the long, absolutely straight fit kurtiis taking the market by storm. They are everywhere, and you can see people wearing them anywhere. The styles and materials are also vastly diversified – cotton, linen, silk, georgette, embroidery, graphic print, half and half, color blocking – the list is endless. They can be worn to work, and with some heavy accessories, can be worn to other occasions as well

These are only the staples that we listed. You do not need to stop here. You can browse through the products on gofynd.com and find a large collection of different styles of kurtis.


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