4 of the Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries

4 of the Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries

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At one time in history, plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery was primarily used to fix the faces of soldiers who had been injured in combat. However today, cosmetic surgery is used to thin, reduce, stretch, plump, remove, and alter for beauty’s sake. And there are tons of popular cosmetic surgeries that are performed around the nation every year.

For the past few years in particular, several cosmetic surgeries have shot to the height of popularity. Let’s examine these below.

  1. The Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck Houston is also know as an abdominoplasty. The type of tummy tuck Houston residents most often get aims to remove extra skin and fat from the abdomen. Separated or weakened muscles are also restored during the process, and the result of all of this is a firmer, flatter, and smoother stomach.

  1. Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation is a surgery that changes the shape or size of a woman’s breasts. Often, breast implants are inserted into the breasts so that they are larger or have a different shape. Many women who receive breast augmentation procedures have recently had a child or lost a large amount of weight. These women want to achieve a breast shape that sits higher up on their chest or one that has a more rounded overall appearance.

  1. Nose Reshaping

Many people change the shape of the nose because they feel that this centrally located future is unbecoming on their face. Most nose reshaping procedures are done to noses that people think are too large for the face or to those that have a bridge or bump that the individual does not like. Noses may also be completely reshaped to change the slope of the nose bridge or the width of the nostrils.

  1. The Facelift

As we age, the face naturally changes shape and quality. More wrinkles and fine lines appear, and some men and women decide to combat these natural signs of aging with a facelift. A facelift is also known as rhytidectomy. This procedure is an invasive surgery that changes the face and neck to appear more youthful, smoother, and tighter.

Is Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery Right for You?

Not everyone should undergo cosmetic surgery, but it can certainly be a great decision for some people. What’s most important when considering whether or not to get cosmetic or plastic surgery is weighing the costs and benefits. Finding a quality plastic surgeon with a great reputation should also be a high priority on your list.

Overall, you should take at least a few months to read about the plastic surgery procedures that you are considering and of course, talk to your doctor.

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