5 Best Electronics To Consider Buying In 2018

5 Best Electronics To Consider Buying In 2018

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Looking for the best electronics to simplify your life? Whether you need something to enhance the beauty of your home or help your loved one care for their health, this article has a list of best electronics of the year that will delight your techie passion.

  1. Ubtech Walker

TheUbtech Walker is an excellent robot that is preparedto deal with all your security needs by patrolling the perimeter of your home, detecting movements and recording incidents through its built-in camera. Also, it can respond to voice commands and alert you if something amiss is found on its patrol. In addition to voice commands, the Walker allows you to interact with it through a touchscreen.You can also make video calls and integrate with your emails or calendar with the bot. This bipedal robot will also play games and dance to help you enjoy in its quitting time.Check out www.limitlesselectronics.com for more such gadgets.

  1. Google Wi-Fi

Google Wi-Fi is the best solution to get nonstop internet connectivity,especially for those living in large houses and having trouble accessing Wi-Fi.This set comes with 3 hockey pucks-like satellites named Wi-Fi Points, each of which is able to cover 1500sqf. Plus, the points house a quad core Arm CPU, 4GB eMMC flash memory, and 512 MB RAM. The set also includes a Bluetooth radio, 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands for each band, plus AC1200 802.11AC and 802.11S mesh circuitry. The Google Wi-Fi uses beamforming technology that automatically routes different gadgets to the strongest signal for the perfect connectivity.You can manage the status of the points and set up guest networks, control port forwarding, check test speeds using the accompanying app which is compatible for iOS and Android devices.

  1. Tile Mate – Key Finder – Phone Finder – Anything Finder

Tile Mate is one of the best Bluetooth trackers available in the world. It helps you make sure that your phone, keys or bag is never too far from your reach. The gadget is 25% smaller in size than the original Tile tracker and can easily be attached to a keychain or stick on a laptop. It allows you to use the Tiles or Bluetooth tracking todetect them in short to medium series via the accompanying mobile app. The tracker app keeps record of the items lost the last time so you know where to look first if you left themsomewhere.Also, it allows you to tap into the global network of over five million Tiles for tracking the lost items that are beyond reach.

4.iRobotBraava jet 240 Robot Mop

The iRobot Braava jet Mopping Robot is engineered to clean dirt and stain in difficult places on diverse surfaces of a hard floor like tile, stone or hardwood. With an effective and sturdy cleaning pad, the bot chooses between damp sweeping, dry sweeping or wet mopping, and works on its way.It also searches the surrounding for any obstacles to protect your expensive carpets and furniture before spraying the floor. The robot has a useful Virtual Wall Mode which helps you set an invisible fence for it so that it doesn’t go into off-limit areas of your house.

  1. Philips Hue White Smart Bulb Starter Kit

This kit is designed to help you make your home smart enough to act without any help. It’s basically a personal wireless lighting system that enables you to control Hue lights of your home using your Android and iOS devices, adjusting color and brightness to make the right ambiance. The Philips Hue White Smart Bulb Starter kit includes 2 A19 LED smart bulbs that offer the best fit to standard table lamps, and Hue Bridge that controls up to fifty lights remotely.


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