5 Important Things to Do After Moving

5 Important Things to Do After Moving

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Relocating means going through all the tedious tasks of hiring a trusted provider of packing and moving services and organizing your move. After going through all these tasks, once you arrive in your new home, you will finally get to breathe a deep sigh of relief and relax a bit.

Unfortunately, once the last boxes have been delivered to your home, you can’t really relax just yet. You still have a lot of things to do to ensure everything is in order so life will go well in your new life and new abode.

Below is a list of the essential things you have to do once you arrive in your new home:

1.    Start unpacking

This should be the number one thing on your priority to-do list after your big move.


Start by unpacking the boxes where you placed your essentials such as clothes, shoes, medicines, food, etc.

If you packed by room, unpack all boxes containing the items for your bedroom and bathroom. You might want to take a shower or a nap as soon as you arrive in your new home and, to do these things, you need to bring out all the bedroom and bathroom items you need.

Next, begin unpacking boxes that contain items from the kitchen. Your kids may ask you for a hot meal or you might want some coffee, too. You will need some cooking utensils to prepare a meal and your coffee-maker to brew your favorite beverage.

The upside to unpacking is that you may not be working within a compressed timetable the way you did while packing for your move. As such, you don’t have to rush; you can unpack all your boxes at a more comfortable pace.

2.    Get your utilities working

In case you haven’t arranged for the connection of the main house utilities before moving and they are not working now, call the local power and water service providers. You will have an easier time going through various chores and acclimatizing once you have electricity, gas, and running water in your new home.

Don’t forget to note down the readings of the electricity meter and water meter as well and keep the numbers in a safe place in case you’ll need them in the future.

Once you have taken care of the basic utilities, start making arrangements to have a landline phone, Internet connection, and access to other important services.

3.    Set up all major appliances

If you are confident about setting up the fridge, big screen TV, washing machine, and other large appliances, do so as soon as possible. Otherwise, call a handyman to help you out.

Pay particular attention to your fridge. This is because refrigerators are one of the most fragile appliances around. Extra care should be taken in their preparation and actual relocation.


To ensure your fridge will work properly after moving it, leave it turned off and upright for at least three hours after arriving in your new home. Three hours would be enough for the oil, which may have escaped from the compressor and into the cooling lines, to return to the main cooling mechanism or the compressor.

In case your refrigerator is not cooling after the move, have it checked by an authorized repair person. Do the same if any of the other major appliances are not working as well.

4.    Clean your new home

Although your new home may have been clean when you first arrived, some dust and dirt may have entered the house during the delivery of your boxes and other items.

Some of your unpacking efforts may cause your home to become dirty and untidy as well.


Whether you’re done unpacking or halfway through, clean your home.

Use good quality cleaning products to give your home a spotless look and a fresh, clean scent. Take the time to wipe and polish reflective surfaces including furniture pieces to make them look as good as new.

You can consider hiring a provider of professional cleaning services if you are too busy doing other things.

5.    Always consult your post-move to-do list

Lastly, aside from the items listed above, there are a number of other things you have to do after relocating. You will be sure you will accomplish all these by having a detailed to-do list and sticking to it.

Some of the items that you should put on your to-do list are:

  • Locating the fuse box and main water valve
  • Changing your postal address
  • Buying a fire extinguisher and installing smoke detectors (if your new home doesn’t have any yet)
  • Changing all outside door locks
  • Installing a burglar alarm or CCTV system
  • Childproofing your home (if you have a toddler)
  • Finding new healthcare providers (a general practitioner, pediatrician, dentist, etc.)

Once everything is running smoothly in your home, explore your new neighborhood.

Go out and look for the nearest supermarket, convenience store, restaurant, mall, pharmacy, and hospital. If you have kids, start searching or visiting the schools where they may be going to. Find out where the parks and playgrounds are as well so that you can bring your children to these places.

Lastly, take the time to meet your new neighbors. It is important that you befriend them since they will help you and your family go through the acclimatization process quickly and smoothly so you feel at home in no time.



Craig Jones is the Managing Director at Aussiemove, Australia’s largest independent moving alliance. Craig is a respected member of the removalist network in Australia, having served in senior positions, including the President of the removal industries governing body, the Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA). With 23 years of experience at Aussiemove, he has the skills and the highly trained team to move families safely and reliably, in Adelaide, across Australia and around the world.


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