5 Misconceptions That Increase Your Energy Bills

5 Misconceptions That Increase Your Energy Bills

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Energy bills take up so much of the income in most families that most people would do whatever it takes to reduce these. Also, planet earth would benefit if every family worked on decreasing their energy bills. Unfortunately, there are certain misconceptions that often work against your desire to conserve energy, without your knowledge.

  1. Keeping your combi boiler on all day to ensure your hot water doesn’t run out

Many people with combi boiler NJ imagine that they must keep it on all day to ensure that they don’t run out of hot water. Although these modern boilers are hidden (tankless), they actually heat water pretty fast. All you need to do to have hot water is set your boiler for half an hour before you wake up or come back from work. Leaving the boiler on the entire day when you’re not even home is a waste of so much energy.

  1. Keep your storage heaters on all year

According to statistics, 60 percent of people with storage heaters don’t even understand how they work. These heaters were initially designed to use “off-peak” electricity. This means like a combi boiler NJ, you can leave them to charge overnight and then they will release the energy in the day. If you want to save money on this, then you must be on an off-peak tariff with your energy supplier.

  1. Leaving the heating on constantly is more efficient than turning it on and off

This may seem true and perhaps even time saving for lazy people. But the truth is that leaving your heating on is what is spiking your energy bills. It is better to use a thermostat programmer to control the timing of your heating. Because otherwise you will be coming omen to a warm home but regret it at the end of the month when you get your energy bill that’s due.

  1. Turn up the thermostat to heat up a room faster

Like with a tankless water heater NJ, many people don’t understand how a thermostat works. Thermostats only control the final temperature of the room; they have no effect on how the temperature is arrived at. So turning up your thermostat to get your room to heat quicker will only make your room uncomfortable and waste your energy and cash.

  1. Electrical appliances like phone chargers, TVs and Laptops don’t consume energy when plugged in but not being used

Interestingly, very few people know that leaving your electrical appliances on plug sucks energy even when you’re not using the gadgets. You can save a couple of dollars a month by simply ensuring that you pull out all plugs and switch off the wall when not using the gadgets. Simply switching off the gadgets is not enough.



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