5 Reasons iPhone is Better than Android

5 Reasons iPhone is Better than Android

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No matter what operating system you prefer, there is a good chance that you are aware of the iOS vs. Android debate. Android users have hurled a lot of insults at iPhone users and vice versa. But, it is not just petty arguments as there are some excellent reasons why both operating systems need to be considered. Despite what some Android users believe, there are certain reasons that make iPhone a better choice. Some solid reasons why buying an iPhone is a good idea are:

Reason 1- iPhones get the best apps first

Yes, both iOS and Android have a horde of apps in their stores, but it is a fact that developers still favor the iPhone as the launch platform of their choice for the most spectacular apps. Sure, the Google Play Store also gets all the hits, but only after they have had their run on the iPhone. For instance, Instagram was launched on Android two years after the iPhone. While the duration has reduced these days, iPhone still remains the king for new apps.

Reason 2- No problems of bloatware

One of the biggest issues with Android phones is the bloatware that comes along with them. Samsung and some other manufacturers have gotten smart and are trying to minimize the pain of their users by putting in all carrier bloatware into one folder. However, it is still true that it takes a lot of space on your phone. This is not a problem you will experience on the iPhone and you can get a clean experience. Some apps like the Apple Watch may not be wanted, but it is still in control.

Reason 3- iPhones are easier to sell than Android

You can sell broken iPhone, sell damaged iPhone and even sell cracked iPhone easily as compared to a malfunctioning Android device. Even if your phone is intact and you just want to sell your device, you will discover that people will buy an iPhone quicker than any other device in the market.

Reason 4- iPhones work better with other Apple devices

If you are already using Apple products and are in the market for a smartphone, an iPhone is the best choice because there are a number of apps that you can use across devices. It is quite easy for your information and activities to flow from one device to another and it is all the more convenient.

Reason 5- iPhones have the best help and support

Customer service is a major priority for Apple and not something you can get with Android phones. If there is a problem with your Android device, you can call your carrier or try finding a solution with an online search. In contrast, when you have an iPhone, you have a huge database of helpful and useful articles that you can tap into right on Apple’s website. You can go to an Apple Store Genius Bar and schedule an appointment or also get assistance via live chat.

These reasons are why people prefer to get an iPhone instead of choosing an Android smartphone.

Teresa Sabo

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