5 Reasons to Use Spring to develop RESTful Web Services in Java

5 Reasons to Use Spring to develop RESTful Web Services in Java

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RESTful Web Services has gained widespread popularity when it comes to developing web services. And when it comes to develop in Java, you can find a wide range of frameworks on offer. But there are many reasons why java application development services prefer Spring over the rest. Here are 5 reasons why you should also consider using this framework for developing your web services within Java.

1. HTTP Methods

HTTP methods are critical to RESTful web services and within Spring MVC, there are handles for controlling all HTTP methods. Some of the handle examples include:

  • GET methods can be used for reading operation
  • DELETE method for removing resources from server
  • PUT method for updating resources
  • POST method for creating resources

The latest version also allows using PATCH handle.

2. Data Representation

Spring is preferred by Java Development Company in India because it allows bypassing view-based rendering through the use of special annotation and different implementations. This is beneficial for REST where data representation is critical.  This allows sending direct response to clients. Spring allows you to render data as XML, HTML, and JSON. In RESTful web services, a resource can be represented in all these different formats.

3. Security

Another reason java application development services use Spring is because of Spring Security. It can intercept web URLs and offers many advantages. You can set security conditions as follows:

  • All URLs having a certain pattern can be made accessible to all users
  • All URLs with a pattern like /admin can be made accessible only to those with the role of an admin
  • Annotations can be added on java methods for security

Spring Security offers you authorization and authentication controls.

4. Database Communication

Another reason Spring is used to develop RESTful Web Services by Java Development Company in India is that it enables similar communication with databases. You can use Spring Object Relational Mapping (ORM) with hibernate or other tools effectively. It simplifies representing your tables into Java objects. If you have to deal with old JDBC code, it is best to use Spring JDBC.

5. RestTemplate

Another reason java application development services prefer using Spring is that it offers RestTemplate class. It has lots of similarities to JmsTemplate and JdbcTemplate, and can integrate with REST resources. This template class can be used for testing your RESTful web services or for developing REST clients.

Spring framework is also ideal for handling long running tasks. For example, Spring Batch can be used to make long database queries simpler. It generates a Job Id and keeps you up-to-date with the task’s progress. Spring is also ideal for standalone java projects, testing purposes, and for handling external resources.

There are even more reasons for using Spring framework for developing RESTful Web Services in Java. A typical Java Development Company in India trusts this platform because they already have knowledge of the framework. Thus, they are able to tap into their existing knowledge of the platform, thus saving time and resources.


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