6 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

6 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

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Maintaining a HVAC system is the most effective means to save repair or replacement costs. People that are using any of the energy efficient models usually end up having minimal energy bills at the end of each month. The following steps can be carried out by every homeowner and doesn’t require special tools or skills.

  • Disconnect from the power source

It’s risky to work on electrical appliances without switching them off completely. Check the wires to ascertain whether they are burnt or blackened as a result of overheating. It’s imperative to contact a professional as soon as you notice any of these signs. Avoid tampering with the electrical components of your AC unit in order to be on the safer side.

  • Clean or replace air filters

Purchase a replaceable air filter if the one that comes with your AC unit is the disposable type.The air flow is usually hindered once an air filter becomes dirty or clogged. When this happens, the AC unit will have to do extra work and release low quality air which can pose serious health hazards.People with kids or petsand those that are living in dusty areas may need to clean their air filters everymonth.

  • Inspect the coils

The coils are responsible for transporting hot and cold air in an AC unit. Ensure that there are no dusts on the coils and invest in a high-qualitycoil cleaner if they are very dusty.In case you are using a window unit, open it and clean the coils thoroughly with a cloth.

  • Check the fins

Fins tend to get dirty because they can easily accumulate debris within a short period of time. A garden hose will come in handy when it’s time to wash them. Examine whether the fins are in good shape and straighten with care if any of them is bent.

  • Clean the external parts of the AC unit

Homeowners are often advised to clean the internal parts of their AC units. The external part also need to be free from grasses and dry leaves. It’s necessary to take this step regularly as it helps to prevent debris from entering your unit and blocking the fins. More so, air can flow freely around and inside the HVAC system. Try as much as possible to follow the manufacturers’ instructions when opening your unit.

  • Hire an expert

Certain tasks like repairing HVAC systems should be handled by specialists to be on the safer side. They have the right training and license to handle all repairs efficiently. Some of the things that they will examine include the refrigerant and duct work. They can also enlighten you on the right ways to extend the lifespan of your unit during their visit.It’s now easier to get outstanding cooling service in Tacoma at affordable prices. Every AC unit need servicing at least once or twice a year, so don’t wait until yours is faulty before contacting a skilled technician.

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