6 Best Ways to Avoid Car Accidents

6 Best Ways to Avoid Car Accidents

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Although it’s good to have superb driving skills, there are other things that must be considered in order to keep yourself and other road users safe. Fender bender and serious accidents can have effects that range from mild to serious. Perhaps you’re concerned about the effective ways to avoid auto accidents, read this post to the end.

  • Maintain your car regularly

There’s absolutely no reason to wait until your vehicle needs auto repair in Goodyear before scheduling routine maintenance. It’s imperative to understand the manufacturer’s recommendation pertaining your car servicing and adhere to it. Make sure that all your tires are well inflated before hitting the road. In addition, check all fluids and change when necessary.

  • Minimize distractions

Driving with both hands on the steering wheel helps to gain full control of the vehicle at all times. It requires your full attention, so find ways to curb distractions in any form. A slight distraction can cause serious accidents if care is not taken. The commonest form of distractions is smartphone notifications from social media channels. Always remember that you will have enough time to use your phone once you stop driving. In case you need to pick some important calls, use the hands-free option of your smartphone.   

  • Stick to your lane

Auto accidents are quite common in the left lanes. However, sticking to the right and center lanes make it easier to escape if any issue occurs. Some drivers often try to leave their lanes to correct other car owners or to prove a point. This is unnecessary and often increases the odds of having an accident. Ensure that there is space between you and other drivers too.  

  • Drive when you’re healthy

Endeavor to go for regular eye exams and update your eyewear prescriptions if you use eyeglasses or contact lenses. It’s ideal to be physically and emotionally sound while driving. Ask your doctor whether you’re fit to drive in case you’re taking any drugs. The best thing is to look for other options when you’re not in good shape to drive.

  • Avoid driving at night

Without mincing words, driving at night is usually accompanied by different risks, especially ghastly accidents. One of the reasons why most people prefer to drive at night is that the traffic is usually lesser. It goes without saying that drunk or tired drivers will also be using the road at that period. At times, driving at night is unavoidable, for instance, during emergencies. In this case, never risk driving without good taillights and headlights.

  • Be very observant

Don’t depend completely on your rearview and side mirrors as you drive. The truth is that the mirrors may not be able to capture everything, including your blind spots. A driver needs to be observant and alert when on the wheel. It’s important to focus on the cars around you and the traffic generally. You will be able to notice careless drivers through observation and quickly take proactive measures to protect yourself.


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