6 Reasons Why 24×7 Rummy Games Could Be an Interesting Source for Earning Extra Income

6 Reasons Why 24×7 Rummy Games Could Be an Interesting Source for Earning Extra Income

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Rummy is an entertaining as well as a rewarding card game. As one of the most popular social card games in India, rummy always had players playing the game for the cash rewards. Whether it was the traditional rummy where real cash was involved or the online 24×7 rummy where you have the option of both free and cash games to play, cash has always been motivating the players. But, in the recent times, people perceive 24×7 rummy games as an important source for earning extra cash apart from the conventional means like job and business.

Let’s explore 6 interesting reasons that have truly made an impact on the player psyche motivating to look at online rummy as a source of earning some extra income.

  1. Legal to play; legal to earn

The Supreme Court ruling identifies rummy as a game which requires the player to exhibit a suitable amount of concentration, analytical reasoning, decision making skills etc. Success in the game is dependent on these factors and not based on luck. This verdict is a boon to the players to play and earn in rummy legally.

  1. Play free; earn cash

Online rummy gives players the option to play rummy games either free or cash games. Especially for beginners who are a novice to rummy games but are keen on winning cash rewards, may play free games itself and still earn cash rewards as prizes too. After the players gain a considerable amount of experience, expertise, and confidence in the games, they may play cash games by making cash deposits and join the cash tables.

  1. Set the limit; play responsibly

If your aim is to earn cash then you need to exercise certain amount of discipline in your game. Online rummy helps the players to set a limit for themselves in terms of the amount that they could play for in a day. This will certainly help players to stick to their limit yet earn cash responsibly.

  1. Game variants; earn better

Several rummy sites offer different variants of the popular Classic Indian rummy such as Points, Pool and Deals rummy. Players may switch between variants and not only enjoy playing the different rummy variants but earn extra cash by participating in the variants tournaments and competitions.

  1. Fast pace; quick results

Online rummy is time-bound. This limitation of time spikes the interest and ups the challenge element for the players. You get to know the result of the game in just no time. Players do not have to keep haggling about the results. Games with quick results are best for earning money.

  1. More offers; more money

Online 24×7 games rummy sites run attractive offers, promotions, and tournaments all through the year. Additionally, the weekend freerolls, festive tournaments and special mega competitions give enough and more reasons for players to pursue playing rummy for some extra cash.


Playing rummy is an interesting and rewarding breakaway from your stressful life. But it certainly cannot assume the importance as your primary source of income. Hence, exercise caution and play rummy with discretion in order to enjoy the game to the fullest and earn some extra cash as you play along.

Clare Louise

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