A stunning brochure in 6 simple steps

A stunning brochure in 6 simple steps

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A brochure is a proven tool for effective marketing and sales promotion. Almost, 65% of the people who pick up a brochure plan to buy the merchandise they see on it. This is why most entrepreneurs have no second thoughts when it comes to printing brochures.

Brochure printing might seem a formidable challenge for some as they are many things to take care of- design, content, printing, budget, etc. Here are some 6 simple steps to help you to create a stunning brochure.

6 steps for stunning brochure printing

Your main objective is to create a stunning brochure. Let’s start by following these simple steps.

  1. Outline the objective and audience for your brochure.

You have decided to print a brochure. But what kind of brochure is it going to be? Is it a brochure to be sent as a direct mailer or is it one that is going to be a point-of-sale promotional material? First, outline the objective of the brochure clearly before you start printing it. This will help you evolve the right design and align the content appropriately in the layout.

Who is the target audience to whom the brochure is to be sent? Are they corporate executives? Or, are you targeting teenagers or housewives? Identifying the audience for your brochure is the main step in evolving its design. This is because the design, fonts and colors used in the brochure printing all depend on the target audience. For corporate executives, sober colors and bold fonts are preferred. A teenage audience demands the use of flashy or fluorescent colors. Such specifications depend mainly on the audience and hence have to be earmarked first before designing your brochure.

  1. Decide the budget, quantity and printing process

Earmark a budget for your brochure printing. This is the basic criterion on which your brochure’s production rests. Having fixed the budget, decide on the quantity you might need. These 2 factors will help you decide which printing process to use for your brochure printing.

For bulk production beyond 1000 numbers, opt for offset printing. For small numbers less than 100. screen printing is best. The printing process and budget also help you decide on the number of colors to be used and the material for brochure printing.

  1. Organize the content

You have fixed the quantity and printing process. Now, it is time to organize the content. Take the content and segregate it into paragraphs and headings which have to appear on the front cover, inner pages, back cover etc.  Also, decide on the visual elements and logos to be used along with their position on the brochure. This will help you decide the size and number of pages of the brochure. These factors will determine the overall layout and design of the brochure.

  1. Select a stunning design for your brochure

Ask your design specialist or print provider to give you design options and select the best. Take into account the following factors while making the selection. Remember, your cover design must be eye-catching and outstanding to attract the audience.

  1. Think of some special effects for your brochure

Make your brochure unique and distinctive by incorporating some special effect on its design and printing like these-

  • Die-cut design– This will certainly work wonders as it creates a unique appeal for your brochure making it stand out from the rest.
  • Folds- using bi-folds and tri-folds make the brochure layout interesting.
  • Foils and spot lamination– Lettering effects like shiny or embossed lettering or spot lamination on certain design elements evoke an interest in the audience.
  • Texture- Create a difference in your brochure printing with the texture of the paper used like matte, glossy, Kraft, recycled etc.
  1. Ensure  premium quality for your brochure

Your brochure should be the best in everything- design, paper and printing. The paper should be of top quality and the printing should be precise without any smudges or stains. The images should be of high resolution without pixelation. To ensure this, get samples before the final printing and proof it for both content and quality.

Create a stunning brochure by using the above 6 steps and ensure supreme quality for your brochure printing by entrusting it to a premium print provider.

Danny White

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