Add Elegance To Your Home…

Add Elegance To Your Home…

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Upgrading the appearance of a home or commercial site does not have to be expensive. Individuals can add a touch of elegance to any decor with interior barn doors made of glass.

When some people think of interior barn doors, they envision the traditional rustic structures that added an agrestic touch to a room. However, the modern version of the interior barn door is sophisticated and offers a variety of incredible ways to compliment any room.

Made of tempered glass, interior barn doors add privacy to an area, without blocking natural light. They are easy to operate because they slide along a flexible, frameless and suspended ornamented track.

While most door manufacturing companies produce glass doors below 5mm, our company makes sure customers are protected. We create our interior glass doors with 5 to 10 mm of tempered glass, for added safety.

Lower Risk Factor

It is common knowledge tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass. For years, banks and government institutions have used it for their buildings.

It takes a great amount of effort to break toughen glass; however, in the case that it happens, unlike regular glass with sharp and shard edges, it would fracture into blunt pieces. This lowers the risk of anyone suffering from harm.

Many Selections

Individuals have many choices when it comes to picking an interior barn door or doors for their particular specifications.

This include…

*Glass works that are clear, milky, frosted, white laminated, black, smoked clear and frosted

*Designs such as duo-t, continental, trio, solo, and pentagon

*Finishes featuring walnut, silver black, white and charcoal

*Accessories such as door handles, locks and tracking solutions.  

Wonderful Ideals

Making a space fashionable is easy when an interior barn door or doors are installed.

Here are a few tips for the home…     

*When a laundry room is filled with piles of dirty clothes, individuals can conceal this fact with a fashionable door in place…

*Sometimes, the pantry in a home has swing doors. In a small area, this can result in losing valuable space. With an interior glass door, this area will suddenly give the occupants a bit of elbow room, as well as create an appealing visual aspect to the spot.

Suggestions for commercial use…

*A small office can feel make employees feel confined. Installing interior barn doors made of glass will result in a feeling of expansion in the workplace, which could help with productivity.

*Americans with Disabilities Acts (ADA) requires business, with an emphasis on medical institutions, to have doors that make it easy for disabled people to function and operate. Our interior barn doors are gently glides and are easy for everyone to control.

About The Sliding Door Company

To discover more about interior barn doors and other items that The Sliding Door Company offer, individuals can contact us online or call 888-988-5033 for a free consultation. If they are in the Chatsworth, California area, they can visit and receive assistance from our knowledgeable experts about their requirements.       




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