Are You Good at Spotting Savings?

Are You Good at Spotting Savings?

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Would you say with confidence that you are pretty good at saving money?

For many consumers, saving dollars is a top priority when they go shopping for any number of products.

That said how you go about trying to save money goes a long way in how much green you end up saving.

So, where will you next look for savings?

Better yet, will you want to find more money in your wallet or purse? Guessing the answer is yes, start searching today.

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In attempting to save money wherever and whenever you can, remember a few helpful hints:

  1. Online activities – The Internet can prove to be a great go-to source in trying to save money. As an example, do you like going to theme park attractions? If so, you know that some cost more than others. With that in mind, finding savings may take a little doing on your part. When you go to get Universal Studios tickets online, there are savings if you put time into locating them. With such savings, you can reap the rewards for you and even your family if you are taking them. Either do a general Google search or look to specific brands and their websites for savings. When you do, chances are your theme park experience will be a little sweeter knowing you have money left.
  2. Word-of-mouth – If you have family and friends who like to travel, they can also help. For example, a relative goes to Universal Studios, Disneyland or other attractions. When they do, ask them how they saved money in the process. This includes not only tickets for specific attractions, but also transportation and more. Before you know it, you may be able to also cash in on the savings.
  3. Rewards programs – In the event you spend money with one or more brands, there’s a chance you can reap rewards. Many companies offer rewards programs for their best customers. Whether mileage on flights, points with hotels and rental cars, or savings at stores, look for them.

  1. Social buzz – Last, you can also search for savings via social media. From family and friends’ social accounts to those of companies you may do business with, be social. Many businesses run contests and discounts on their social media pages. When they do, you can get the benefits. Also look to social media to see what the chatter is on theme parks, airlines, hotels and more. You may come across one or more individuals who’ve saved money. As such, they might well talk about it on their social media pages. When you see such posts, don’t be afraid to ask them if necessary how they went about cashing in on the savings.

Spotting savings is not only good for your bank account; it can leave you with a sense of accomplishment.

Knowing you are walking away with a deal can feel quite gratifying.

So, where will you spot savings when you begin looking?


Clare Louise

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