Are Your Children Really That Safe?

Are Your Children Really That Safe?

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Being a parent encompasses many responsibilities.

The greatest one you have of course is making sure your child is safe and happy?

With that in mind, would you say your children are in fact as safe as they can be?

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Don’t Let Your Child’s Safety Be an Issue

In doing all you can to provide your children with a safe environment, remember a few keys:

  1. Environment – To start, what type of environment do your children live in? Although you may go out of your way to provide them with the safest one possible, things can be out of your control. Do your best to give them a safe setting where they do not have to worry about strangers, crime and the like. If thinking of moving to a different neighborhood or out of town, look at not only the schools, but things for them to do. The more active and occupied your children are, the fewer chances for them to get into trouble.
  1. People – Many different people will come into your child’s life over the years. That said you may want to think about an online people search. Such a search can lead you to find more details about not only the neighbors, but also anyone in your child’s school. With the full name of the individual in question, you can use an online search site. Although you may not get all the details you want out of the search, chances are you will be on the right track. In researching public records, be on the hunt for anything that sends up a red flag. The most notable would be someone with a criminal past. Although many redeem themselves after run-ins with the law, some it seems will have a life of crime. With those people, you want to make sure they stay as far away from your children as possible.
  2. Friends – As your child gets older, it can be more difficult for you the adult to pick and choose their friends. There needs to be a happy medium for both parties. For example, what if your son or daughter begins hanging out with what you deem to be the wrong crowd in junior high? You may decide you need to intervene for their well-being. That said doing that can create a rift between you and your child. With that in mind, this is why it is important that you walk that fine line. Yes, as the parent and adult in the relationship, you should have the final say. With that being the case, don’t come across as domineering. It could end up leading your child to rebel against you.
  3. Goals – In discussing keeping your child busy, make sure he or she has plenty to do besides their schooling. As important as school is, your child should be in some group activities. They not only promote bonding and growth, but your child tends to be safer when with a steady set of good friends.

In taking time to reassess if your children are that safe, are you happy with what you see?


Clare Louise

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