Banish Festive Season Postage Stress

Banish Festive Season Postage Stress

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Christmas post deadlines were published and the lead up to the festive season as always was frenetic with postal workers working long hours and delivering huge capacities of mail.

Franking machine and stamp users helped by planning, as much as is feasible, to ensure that their important mail isn’t in the final mountain before the Christmas break, or worse, that it remains in the postal system until after Christmas.

Although stamp users will also need to be mindful of long queues in post offices, franking machine rental and purchase clients can complete all their postage tasks of under 25kg on their premises. From sign on delivery to special delivery, parcels to international mail, the office is a far more convivial place to work than a snaking queue. Mailroom tasks shouldn’t take hours, franked mail processing doesn’t.

As franked mail is treated as business mail it tends to travel more efficiently through the network, and this is worth bearing in mind if you are mulling over whether to opt for franking machine rental or purchase in 2018.

Franked mail collection services are available or there are many conveniently located franked mail boxes around the country.

Postage: Final days 2017.

2nd class: 20th December.

1st class: 21st December.

2nd class signed for: 20th December.

1st class signed for: 21st December.

Special delivery guaranteed: 21st December.

Special delivery Saturday guaranteed: 22nd December.

Parcelforce 2 day delivery: 20th December.

Parcelforce express 9,10, AM and PM timed services: 21st December.

Express 24: 22nd December.

Accurate costs

Getting the right amount for postage can be a tricky task when you don’t have a franking machine. You aim to take enough money out of petty cash or stamps from the tin, fill out forms and hope that you’ve done the preparation successfully. With a franking machine the exact cost is calculated every single time and printed on the label, paid for from the credit on the machine. No waste, no fuss, 100% accuracy.


Know where your mail is

Smart franking machines within Royal Mail’s Mailmark scheme have the capability to monitor post items progress through the mail network thanks to the 2D readable barcode on the franking label. On premises dashboard management offers customer service and operations benefits. You can provide answers to questions about mail’s whereabouts rather than surmising where it may be and when it might reach its recipient. Any issues are flagged up on screen so if an item has been delayed because an address was incomplete or incorrect, the recipient can be informed ahead of a crisis call from them.

Christmas mailing doesn’t have to be stressful, dreaded or time consuming. Forsaking stamps, the low technology and highest cost method, for a Mailmark eligible cutting-edge technology smart franking machine and the lowest cost franking tariff available is good sense. Leave the queues behind and work in comfort from your mailroom or desk.

Franking machine rental can be as little as £16.99 per month so why not speak to a Royal Mail partner like IMS Franking about hassle free festive and new year post solutions?

Clare Louise

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