The world is getting so much advanced and busy too. Nowadays, children don’t have enough time to play and zone out into a different world. Rather, all they do is study and perform other sorts of extra-curricular activities. Parents usually forget that they too need some sort of fun in their lives and extra-curricular activities like cricket or swimming is not at all relaxing. Rather they are physical exercises, which in fact tire them out, let alone allow them to live their innocence to the fullest.

Games and toys are not only some objects which are meant to spoil them. Rather, these objects are meant to bring a smile on their face since when surrounded by these different no-living items, they find themselves in another world where they can be at their own self, without anyone’s interpretation. Lately, there have been many introductions in the gaming world, the most effective and important ones are the collection of new characters that seem to possess superhero powers and are meant to protect the humanity from bad aliens and others. These characters have highly enticed the children and all they want is to take part in these adventurous missions with their favorite play characters.

One such adventurous toy family is the Paw Patrol team. At first, there used to be cartoon show on the same. When the officials saw that there was an increasing popularity of the same, they decided to convert it into real life objects where children can actually play with them and live in the Paw Patrol’s fantasy world.

What is all about the Paw Patrol team?

According to the cartoon series, the Paw Patrol team consisted of six amazing and valiant puppies, a ten-year-old boy, Ryder, captained all of them. Their main aim is to protect the civilians of the Adventure Bay Community and safeguard their lives. Each of the puppies resembles a particular character whose job is different from others. Each of them is an expert in their own job and does their parts to save the community and fight the aliens and other harming objects.

When the popularity of the show was increasing, toys were introduced in the market. Children gladly bought them, started to play with the six amazingly brave puppies, and underwent into missions where they have to save people from the clutches of bad people. Out of the six puppies, the most famous one is Skye. She is the first female member of the Paw Patrol team and is highly recognized by her teammates.

Skye paw patrol

Skye paw patrol is the first female fighter who does her job quietly and smoothly without alerting her enemies. The helicopter is her best companion since it has helped her in many missions where she was asked to attack from the air. This cute little puppy also helps the people in need and transports them from one place to a safer one. She is quite fun loving and the toy represents her character as it is well dressed in pink and yellow garments.

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