Cannabis Oil for Cancer: What You Need to Know

Cannabis Oil for Cancer: What You Need to Know

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The words ‘cannabis’ and ‘cancer’ are being mentioned in the same sentence quite a lot lately. In fact, the National Cancer Institute has put rumors to rest by declaring that cannabis can kill cancerous brain cells and treat tumors. Utilized for its medical potential throughout history, marijuana is being put in the spotlight even more so now than ever before for its chemical components, better known as cannabinoids.

As the evidence of cannabis’ astounding cancer-treating powers are surfacing, a growing number of patients are welcoming the plant into their daily lives. Whether they are dropping tinctures beneath the tongue or applying topical salves to tumors, the number of cancer-stricken individuals making their way to the doctor’s office for a medical marijuana recommendation is of course, increasing.

Understanding How Cannabis and Cancer Interact

Cancer cells can grow rapidly in the body and cause real destruction for the patient’s health. With the oil extracted from the plant matter itself, a cancer patient can experience antiproliferative effects. ‘Proliferation’ means ‘the growth of’, in this case, cancer cells.

Rick Simpson is a fine example of the wonders that cannabis can do for cancer patients, many of which are chemotherapy patients experiencing major relief from pain and nausea-related symptoms. (If you didn’t already know who Rick Simpson is, we talk about that below.)

What types of cancer can be treated?

Numerous types of cancer can be treated when a patient is administered with the isolated compounds, such as in the form of an oil.  As an anti-angiogenic, pro-apoptotic and anti-metastatic natural drug, cannabis is a safe option for relieving the symptoms of lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, liver cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Most of these oils can be purchased at a medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco.

Cannabis has Changed the Lives of Cancer-Stricken Patients

You don’t have to be a regular reader of the newspaper to know that cannabis oil has been changing the lives of cancer patients, not to mention patients with Parkinson’s disease, depression and autism. The media has been documenting cannabis closely, with many patients sharing their success stories.

Two examples are cancer survivor and cannabis advocate, Stefanie LaRue, and lung cancer survivor, Sharon Kelly. Both women used cannabidiol oil to battle the disease and they have their lives to show for it. You can learn more about medical marijuana success stories here.

Understanding How Cannabis Oil is Made

A strain that is high in cannabidiol (CBD) is a prime choice for making CBD oil. Yellowish-gold in appearance, the oil is withdrawn from the plant and is a very potent type of extraction. The process may involve the use of alcohol or CO2 – two of the most popular choices. Alcohol extraction involves heating an marijuana-infused alcohol solution until it evaporates, leaving a glistening gold oil. CO2 extraction uses heat and pressure to separate the cannabinoids from the plant matter.

Who is Rick Simpson and why is he an important figure?

Described by many as the “man who rediscovered the cure for cancer”, Rick Simpson is the man who invented Rick Simpson’s Oil, better known as RSO. When he began extracting the oil from home and orally administering it, the results were rapid and led to him surviving cancer. Rick wanted to share his discovery with the world and has since inspired other people in his situation to seek a cure in the form of cannabis oil.

How does cannabis oil work to kill cancer in the body?

When cancer cells were put under the microscope at laboratories, the preclinical research revealed the truth about cannabinoids. What was the truth, you ask? Well, in simple terms, the cannabinoids would connect with cancer cell receptors (CB1 and CB2), causing them to die. So simple, yet so extraordinary.

This is a miraculous discovery that is changing the future for millions of people around the globe. Since 2016, the UK Government approved CBD oil for use as a licensed medicine, proving how scientific proof and patient success stories is creating a ripple-like effect across the globe.

Selecting the Most Powerful Cannabis Strains for Cancer

A medical marijuana dispensary will sell a potent selection of cannabis strains, each of which will have its own attributes. From the terpene profile to the CBD:THC ratio, every single strain wll offer something unique.

The following cannabis strains have a desirable composition for treating cancer-related symptoms:

  • Blackberry Kush
  • ACDC
  • Harlequin
  • Blueberry Diesel
  • Northern Lights
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Bubba Kush

Determining Your Cannabis Oil Dosage

There are many useful products and tools at your disposal for getting a metered dose of cannabis oil, such as inhalers and tinctures. To understand how much medical cannabis you should be getting on a daily basis, you ought to get a recommendation from a doctor who knows everything there is to know about medicating with marijuana. Upon gaining the doctor’s approval, you can visit a dispensary and buy CBD oil that contains the correct percentage of CBD for you personally.

What types of cannabis oil have you found effective for alleviating and treating your symptoms? Leaver us a comment in the section below.

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