Cleaning the carpet of chewing gum:

Cleaning the carpet of chewing gum:

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The gum sticks firmly on the carpet lint and is not easy to get rid of by traditional methods or by wiping recipes, but you need a different method, follow us ..

  • Just put a cube of ice on the gum and leave it to freeze and we tighten the piece of chewing gum strongly and we will notice that it was completely extracted easily without leaving a trace on it.

70 – Remove the sweetness of the carpet:

A few pieces of sweetness on the carpet may cause the carpet to be damaged and its otters are impossible if dried. We must remove them immediately before they dry on the carpet as much as possible. Learn how to remove the sweetness from the carpets.

  • Method of heating: It is possible to put a piece of cotton cloth on the piece of sweetness and a piece of other heavy cloth a little so as not to burn the carpet and then pass it hot iron or شركة تنظيف  hot until melted and absorbed by the cloth.
  • Cooling method: It is the best and best way to remove the sweetness from the carpet, we just put a cube of ice on the piece of sweetness and leave it to freeze and tap and grab it with strength.
  1. Carpet cleaning of honey:

Honey is a food that sticks to the furniture, especially on the lint and is difficult to get rid of and is not easy to clean their spots and that after the failure of cleaning carpet cleaner with water, the easiest way to clean the carpets of honey is to put a quantity of white shaving cream on the spot and we call it brush Teeth so old it becomes like foam, then wipe it with a piece of cloth wet with water and let it blow in the air completely and we will notice the disappearance of spots ..

  1. Hiding the burns of the cane:

Sometimes the cup can burn some of its cloth and show a black spot because of the burn completely distort the shape of the kiln, we need a way to hide the impact of burns easily easily without cost or cost, followed us an easy way to repair the cane of burning ..

  1. First, the lack of burnt lint by a small scissors.

 2 – We try to buy wool of the same color of burning cloth and cut off small pieces.

3 – Put a glue or a strong glue on the place of burnt lint or burners and put on the pieces of wool and press a little bit and leave it to dry.

This method is very simple to hide the defect on the cane because of the combustion ..

  1. Removal of incinerator burns from carpets:

 Very hot iron burn the wool and lint used in the manufacture of carpet, to be exposed to an emergency and burned the carpet because of the iron becomes very bad form, Follow us a way to remove the impact of burns of the iron ..

We only cut the burning lint on the carpet and then wash the burning place and leave it شركات النظافة  until it is completely dry from the water. Then we put drops of strong glue in the place of burning and put pieces of yarn, wool or lint of the same color of the carpet and leave it dry completely ..

 Make sure that no one will notice the location of the burns …

  1. Treatment of burnt-out carpets:

Burning carpets can damage the carpet completely and we have to get rid of them and buy others, but with us you do not need to get rid of the carpet, but you will learn with us a simple way to cure burning or to bite the carpet at very simple costs ..

You should first remove the lint or the burning threads by cutting them with a small scissors. Cut pieces of yarn or wool from the same carpet color. Place drops of strong glue on the burning area and place them on the threads or loose wool and press them slightly and leave them dry.

This is a very simple way to treat crooked carpets and returns like new ..


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