Commute Gone Wrong: What To Do If Caught In An Accident On The Way Home

Commute Gone Wrong: What To Do If Caught In An Accident On The Way Home

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If you’re working or studying away from home, you have a lot of options when it comes to commuting. You can take all sorts of public transportation wherever you are, and you have the choice of picking an option convenient for you. However, accidents can happen anytime, and it can happen during your commute. So what should you do if you’re caught in an accident on the way home?

Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that 1.25 million people become vehicle accident casualties everyday, with 3,400 people being fatalities all over the world every single day. This makes vehicle accidents the eighth leading cause of fatalities worldwide, and it’s set to be the seventh should this trend continue by 2030. It’s also the leading cause of fatalities of youth across ages 15 to 29 years of age. Unfortunately, of the numbers shown, a lot of victims tend to kill cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists. Vehicles involved include trucks, motorcycles, buses, bicycles, and cars.

Assess the Situation, Safety First

When you get yourself caught in an accident, stay calm and don’t panic. Try to take deep breaths and get a hold of the situation. Check if you have injuries and if you can move away from the area of the accident. Don’t leave the scene, though, as you may be penalized for a hit and run. After establishing your safety, immediately call for the authorities and medical assistance.

  • Check if your companions or the other drivers have been injured and take note of this. Refrain from moving them away from their respective vehicles because if you’re untrained, you may damage them further.
  • Call your lawyer and ask what to do in your particular situation. They may come to your aid immediately. If not, ask them what your protocol should be in terms of specifics. In the same token, call your insurer to inform them of what’s happened.

Get Information, Take Note of Everything

While waiting for the authorities, take note of everything you’re seeing. If you have a camera, it may be a good idea to take photographs of the scene. These can include photographs of the damaged vehicles, damages to the property, skid marks, and even injuries on your body. This information is relevant, especially if your attorney suggested you take the case to court and settle it there. Your insurer may also believe you more with the evidence you’re taking such as photo  and video.

  • If there are witnesses, try to ask for their names and contact details politely. The same goes for the other parties as well. Take note of their names and contact information. However, don’t say sorry about anything in the incident as this may be interpreted as admission of fault.
  • Try to take note of information about the car as well. What company manufactured it, what kind of model is it, what’s its color, if there any distinguishable features, and its license plate.

Take Note of Documentation

When you’re taken to the hospital for treatment, or if anything in the accident has affected you in some way such as producing post traumatic stress disorder, don’t ignore these and take note of everything. If you have to pay for anything related to the incident such as bills, medication, and treatment, ask for copies of the reports.

  • In fact, obtain copies for everything you’ve done related to the treatment. This goes beyond hospitals, but also from people you’ve visited for counselling and sessions, copies of receipts of goods you’ve purchased for treatment, and even correspondences.
  • If you’ve called the authorities to the scene of the accident, politely ask for their name, contact information, and badge numbers so you have a reference. Ask them to make a police report of the incident so you can procure a copy as well. This report can be of great assistance should you decide that you do in fact want to take the accident to court.


When it comes to commutes, always remember that the risk of accidents are there so be sure to keep an extra eye on your surroundings at all times. Just remember that when an accident does happen to you or in your vicinity, the above are options you should consider doing. You can also click here for more legal options in such a situation.

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