Five Reasons to Use Long-Tail Keywords for Better SEO

Five Reasons to Use Long-Tail Keywords for Better SEO

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When it comes to practical marketing, businesses of all sizes want to be found online. The competition is fierce in a growing online marketplace. Everyone seems to be grappling to reach the first page of the leading search engine results. Trying to rank well for commonly used keywords can be nearly impossible for small businesses on a budget. Fortunately, there is a viable solution to boost rankings and brand fledgling companies. Consider five reasons to use long-tail keywords for better SEO.

Go Beyond Common and Generic Search Terms

Short-tail keywords are a generic way to describe something. Usually, they are just two words, such as “engagement rings.” These words let people know what the product or service is without any other description. Long-tail keywords help businesses narrow down what they offer and provide more specific descriptions. For example, people might be searching for “gold diamond engagement rings.”

And a business that specializes in specific products, such as “rose gold engagement rings” attracts the attention of its target audience, rather than a broad group of consumers who might want something completely different, such as “silver engagement rings.” Using long-tails helps narrow down the prospects to people who are more likely to become buyers.

Reduce the Competition

Choosing useful long-tail keywords is an excellent way to soar past the competition. Countless businesses will try to corner the market on engagement rings. Rise above the clamoring crowd by defining your offerings with specificity.

Conduct keyword research to determine which terms rank best in your industry. Compare them to the products or services your business offers online. Select words people are most like to enter into the search box to find what your business provides. Watch your company start to rank on the first page for long-tail keywords as you incorporate them into your web content, blog articles, and PPC campaigns.

Get Increased Traffic

The goal for most companies is to increase their website traffic. As the number of visitors increases, the site starts to crawl up the search engine rankings. And over time, some of the visitors convert into leads that are likely to take action in the future.

Include long-tail keywords in your calls to action to attract search engines and potential customers. With targeted traffic and compelling calls to action, businesses become more productive and profitable. Continue to conduct keyword research regularly to generate fresh content with the most recent long-tail keywords.

Realize a Notable Return on Investment

Creating a professional website, conducting keyword research, and focusing on SEO marketing tactics requires time and money. When people invest in a business, they want to see a notable return on investment (ROI). Using long-tail keywords helps maximize the potential of your marketing efforts.

Instead of hoping to rank for short-tail words everyone else is already using, develop creative long-tail campaigns. And often long-tail keywords contain the short-tail keywords others are focusing on in their marketing efforts. As a result, your site may start to rank for both within a few months.

Corner a Unique Niche

Trying to get people to click on marketing efforts focused on “engagement rings” is a huge challenge. It becomes much easier when the content is generated around a long-tail keyword such as “chocolate diamond engagement rings.”

Selecting long-tails that are less competitive helps companies corner a particular niche market. Find the different variations of chocolate diamonds and engagement rings to create powerful keyword combinations. Over time, your company can become the ultimate resource for one or more niche products.

Boost your marketing efforts by researching long-tail keywords about your business. Incorporate these terms into your content and watch your website start to rank higher in the search engines.



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