Four pregnancy test tools you must have

Four pregnancy test tools you must have

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Pregnancy is one time when you are much tensed about what the future holds for you. It can be about the process of child birth or the child itself, you are worried about the safety of the little one and yourself. The period of pregnancy, especially when it is your first time can bring in anxiety, fear and worry. But, thanks to technology, most of your doubts can be cleared and you will have a safe pregnancy and child birth.

The pregnancy tools are a variety of digital gadgets that are useful during pregnancy. They are designed by experts to assist easy pregnancy and safe child birth. They make the pregnancy period less stressful.

Here are some pregnancy test tools –

Due date calculator –

You will be excited to know when you will be seeing your child for the first time. You can calculate the due date of your pregnancy through this calculator. You can know how many weeks and days are pending for your child birth. You can also know when your trimesters begin and end. It is easy to use and calculate. There are many pregnancy date tools that will help you calculate the date and time of the child birth.

My address book –

This is one handy address book that can keep all your pregnancy related addresses at one place. You can save the contact information of 5 people who will help you in your pregnancy. It can be the number of your doctors or other people to assist you during child birth. You can click on “view map” to see the location on Google Maps too. If you tap on the email address, it will automatically open your email provider. With the cell phone, all you have to do is click on the phone number to make a call to the person if there is any emergency.

My contraction timer –

It is always interesting and good to calculate your contractions. As you will be having regular contractions as your pregnancy proceeds, you must note them down to see if there are any major changes. It is good to measure how often the contractions happen and also how long they last. The tool will help you track all the contraction counts. You can also have them saved and printed out to keep as a sweet memory of your pregnancy.

My baby’s kick counter –

When inside your tummy, your kid will kick you several times. It begins to kick in the mid trimesters and continues until it pops out. If your baby has started kicking already, then you must begin to count it. It is always good to count the kicks of your baby to help your pregnancy to be effortless. This is one tool that you will love to use. It measures how frequently your baby is kicking you. It also gives a report that you can save for future and get a print out of.

These are some of the pregnancy tools that will make your life during pregnancy easier. They will make your child birth easy and interesting.


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