From Momos to Gujiyas, You Can Bake Favourite Dishes for Your Family in a Jiffy!

From Momos to Gujiyas, You Can Bake Favourite Dishes for Your Family in a Jiffy!

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Rice has long been a staple food of Indians, but today the young generation love to experiment with new delicacies from across the world. This includes everything from the popular Italian food pasta to the mouth-watering momos from Tibet.  

Well, who doesn’t love momos, which is one of the famous dishes from Tibet? Although the taste of the dish is totally different in countries like Tibet, China etc. as compared to the Indian version of Chinese dishes, that doesn’t stop us from having mouth-watering momos from the roadside vendors. Famous restaurants have also started serving delicious momos in various flavours and that just makes us long for the dishes all the time.

If you love momos and want to make it at home hygienically, you should definitely invest in a momo making machine. This incredible kitchen appliance is not only useful for making momos, but also a variety of other delicacies.

Make Several Delicacies

Purchase a momo maker for cooking your favourite momos. You can also make many other dishes like gujiyas, pastas and noodles any time. Savouries like Gujiyas are seasonal sweet dishes, which are normally available during the spring season and are made on the occasion of celebrating Holi festival. Pastas and noodles are all-time favourites of today’s young generation.

Customise the ingredients as per your taste for every delicacy and this way you will have something new to eat every time. Your creativity has no limits when it comes to customising ingredients for making momos, gujiyas, pastas and noodles.

Prepare Delicacies in a Hygienic Way

We cannot say much about the hygiene factor of the roadside food stalls that serve momos. Similarly, we can’t vouch for the food quality and taste of every restaurant in the vicinity. This is where having a momo making machine at home comes handy. You can add in your own healthy ingredients and make momos in a hygienic way.

Buying a momo making machine is a viable option, which comes loaded with advanced functions like automatic mixing of dough, kneading it properly and finally making fresh and hygienic variety of noodles, momos, gujiya and pasta within ten minutes. While making your favourite recipe, you can switch to healthier ingredients by making the dough from multi-grain atta, which gives your dish a healthier appeal. On your cheat days, make tasty dishes as per the favourite recipe, but on days when you feel you haven’t worked out enough, you may add multi-grain flour and add more veggies to the filling to make it a healthy and tasty dish.

Initially, you might feel that the dishes don’t taste as good as restaurant-prepared food, but with time and expertise, you can easily cook tasty dishes by altering the ingredients according to your taste.

With a momo maker at home, you can taste your favourite delicacies ranging from momos and gujiyas to pastas and noodles in a jiffy. Spending money on this appliance can save you a lot in the longer run, which otherwise you would have had to spend on outside food.

Teresa Sabo

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