Fun Facts About Pizza

Fun Facts About Pizza

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The mention of the term pizza brings abroad smile on the faces of many people in the whole world. According to the lovers of this delicacy, there is nothing that is more alluring than a hot, cheesy slice of pizza. Research shows that an average American consumes around 23 pounds of pizza every year.

While almost everyone will claim to be a pizza enthusiast, there are lots of fun facts about this delicacy that only a few people know. Below are some random fun facts about pizza that will blow your mind.

Almost Everybody Loves Pizza

According to a recent survey, at least 93 percent of Americans eat pizza at least twice every once. Well, the seven percent who claim that they don’t like it may be lying as well. This is a far greater percentage than those who voted in America’s 2016 presidential election; 59.7 percent.

World’s Largest Pizza

Did you know that the record of the world’s largest pizza is determined by how you slice it? According to the Guinness Book of Records, the largest circular pizza was made in South Africa at Norwood Hypermarket in 1990 The giant pizza measured at least 122.0 feet 8.0 inches across and weighed closed to 26,884 pounds. The pizza contained 3,969 pounds of pure cheese, 9,920 pounds of flour, and 1,985 pounds of pure sauce.

Pizza Expo

Each year, thousands of individuals who are employed in the pizza industry take part in a pizza expo which is regarded as the largest pizza-only trade show worldwide. The pizza expo is held once per year in Las Vegas, Nevada and attracts Pizza experts from all over North America including those from this famous Montreal Pizza Restaurant. The month of October has also been designated as the official National Pizza month.

The World’s Most Expensive Pizza

The most expensive pizza in the world was made in 2013 by renowned pizza-maker Domenico Crolla named the “Pizza Royale 0007”. The pizza boasted of a wide variety of toppings such as edible gold, smoked salmon, sun-blushed tomato sauce, venison medallions, and lobster. The marvelous pie was auctioned off for a charity, and the winning bid was $4,200.00.

Pizza was Once a Peasant Meal

Most Italians regarded pizza as a common meal in the 1800’s. However, things turned around when a talented baker named Raffaele made a wonderful margarita pizza for visiting king and queen. The king and the queen were really delighted by the unique colors of the pizza that represented the Italian flag, and that is how pizza became famous overnight.

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