How to Monitor Network Health in Student Internet Packs

How to Monitor Network Health in Student Internet Packs

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Today Internet Connection has become an integral part of studies, in every stratum. The need escalates, when the level of study goes higher. Educational institutions like Schools, Colleges and Universities all necessarily have to subscribe to economical Internet Plans to access the best uninterrupted internet service on their campus. The plan needs to be powerful enough to cater the huge number of users that include, Teachers, Students, administrative staff and more.

Understanding the situation, the Internet Service Providers are offering student internet plans that are able to cover all these aspects. But many times, the institutions fail to monitor the health of the network consistently. As a result, there can be connectivity lag, or the internet might go down completely at crucial times. In such times, it becomes difficult to figure out the reasons and arrive at a solution without a professional intervention.

To avoid such incidents here is a brief guidance on how to maintain a good networking health throughout and identify if there’s any issue cropping up:

Things to Monitor

To enjoy an uninterrupted internet connectivity what is most important is to keep a watch on the following network activities like

  • Its running speed
  • Loads on the server
  • Latency
  • Possible viruses
  • Security

Solutions for All

Depending upon the manpower and their skills on internet networking, here are few solutions listed below that would be ideal for the student internet network subscriber:

Subscribing to a Network Monitoring Service

Nowadays most of the network providers are offering networking monitoring solutions at an affordable price. Subscribing to one such monitoring service would take the burden off your shoulder. Their monitoring portal would easily track and inspect the components that are causing problems to your network. This is the easiest solution for people who are unable to take up the responsibility themselves.

Analysis of the Infrastructure

Whether you have a full network infrastructure with multiple physical locations or having a single hardware piece, what is important is knowing about the location and infrastructure in detail. To maintain a good networking health, the subscribers need to know the number of routers and switches they have. Where are the endpoints.

Maintain an Updated Monitoring Software

Getting a monitoring software can help maintain the health of the network to a great extent. Generally, they would formulate a map for the associated network, look for the virus threats, and prompt you with the necessary hardware and software upgrades in due time. Following the instructions popped up by the software would be the easiest way possible to avail great network strength without any disruption.

Checking on the Link Speed

There could be nothing more annoying than a slow network speed, especially when things are urgent.  Reasons behind such network slumber could be the link speed. If the speed is showing lesser than 7MB it is time to check the wiring or replace them.

The Bottom Line

A consistent monitoring of network health is the best way to keep up the productivity and your progress in study. These simple tips are helpful enough to make you stand erect before any network disaster strikes the corner.

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