Importance of student ID cards

Importance of student ID cards

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There has always been a claim from students for not having a student card in a timely manner that accredits them as such. Many refer to the fact that in their study centers, not only the university but also basic and secondary, the student card is issued to each student and it is required to perform essential functions of their student life.

The Student Card is usually delivered at the beginning of the term, and it will allow its carriers to benefit in a short time from benefits and discounts on services and products offered by the national market. This practice, common in many places, provides the cardholder with important discounts in public shows such as concerts, film and theater exhibitions. Many companies offer discounts and other perks to those who carry an institutional card.

What is the student card for?

If you ask yourself what you should use this type of card for in the university community, here we present some of the functions:

-Access to rooms and computers. To use the computer equipment of the computer room and in some cases to access certain rooms and libraries.

– Loan of books in University Libraries. It is used as an identification document for the loan of books in the libraries of the University in which you study.


Citizen and ID card holders

In the aspect of citizen security, the possibility of demonstrating to any authority the membership to a university institution, it could mean the saving of hardships in case of confusion or difficulties of any kind with the members of the public order.

The use of facilities of the same university, such as the library, the cafeteria, and other dependencies may be regulated in the future, in such a way that the status of student, employee or university professor is easily recognized.

The process of acquiring the data for the card is simple, and it usually does not have an additional cost. All university students should complete the steps required so that in a short time of completing the process of delivery of the cards.

Being a student and using your Id cards

Being a student is both special and demanding. Students prepare to become professionals and have full access to the world of work, but they must invest time and resources in their education. Student ID cards play a big role in this. So, keep your ID card safe and use best ID card holder for protecting the card.

There are different mechanisms to encourage students. One of them is the issuance of identification cards that allow their carriers to obtain discounts and privileges in different places.

International Cards

There is the ISIC (International Student Identity Card). This is the identification card of the ISIC Association, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, which aims to promote and facilitate cultural exchanges between young people from all over the world.

This student identity card, with more than 60 years in the market, is recognized by international organizations such as Unesco, the World Tourism Organization, and ministries of Youth around the world.

It has a large international network that provides discounts for students from around 130 countries. More than 150,000 shops and recognized brands are already part of this community that aims to contribute to the promotion of education and cultural exchange.

Each University has its protocol when requesting the student card. Today you can apply through the Internet, on the website of your faculty, and for this, you simply need to have an email. To fill in the form that will appear you have to put the main data: name, surname and your ID or Passport number. In the same way, you have to specify the faculty where you study and the degree.

This card has a photo, so in the same application, there is usually a section to upload a photo in jpg format.

Banks and Student’s cards

In some cases, there are financial institutions that collaborate with universities and create students cards directly with a bank account, and that once you have requested it, the bank itself will send you the card by ordinary postal mail to your address within 30 days approximately.

These are usually smart cards, and in addition to all the functions that they have, it also has financial services that can be requested voluntarily by the student.

In some cases, institutions have been enabled to issue the student card for students in lower years.



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