Is Now the Time to Shop for an Engagement Ring?

Is Now the Time to Shop for an Engagement Ring?

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If the time has arrived for you to start shopping for an engagement ring, where do you start?

For many guys, they scratch their heads somewhat over whether to have her go along on the shopping trip.

Do they want her to know ahead of time what kind of ring she will be getting? Or, do they opt for the complete surprise? In doing the latter, they may or may not come up with the ring she wants. Yes, it can be a tough call to make.

If now is the time to shop for an engagement ring, will you make the right call?

Selecting the Right Jeweler

In trying to find blue engagement rings to catch her eyes to other selections, it begins with the jeweler.

As tough as you might think it is to find the best jeweler, don’t sweat it.

Today, countless jewelers have websites to help consumers decide which one is best. Visit some of the jewelry shop websites in your area and compare them against one another. You may very well come to the conclusion that one stands out. Among the traits to look for are how long in business, customer service, and the warranties.

Once you’ve got a jeweler of choice, it is time to then decide which ring she wants.

In having her along for the selection, you decrease the chances she’s not going to be happy over time with the ring. And if you’re worried about the surprise factor missing, don’t fret over it. Knowing she is happy with the selection should be more important than anything else.

When and Where to Pop the Question

With the ring in-hand, the next big question you need to answer is when to present it to her.

You may want to have a quiet day or night together, presenting the ring to her without a lot of fanfare.

One option is going to the scene of your first date. Without that first get-together, there would be no today and celebrating an engagement.

But, you might want to play up the day or night and make it something she will never forget.

For example, would you propose to her over the Christmas holiday or another special time of year? If you do, it could involve both of your families being in on it. Could you imagine the surprise if you proposed during a family Christmas dinner or with friends and family on New Year’s Eve?

No matter which option you go for, presenting her with that ring will change both of your lives.

Once she has the ring, thoughts will likely turn to your futures together.

Among the questions to answer at some point:

  • What should our wedding date be?
  • Should we have a simple or elaborate ceremony?
  • Who will we invite?

  • Where do we intend to live once we’re married?

Yes, there will be many questions you will have to tackle.

That said the main thing is that the two of you are together now with an engagement ring in-hand.

Clare Louise

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