Is the gaming field dominated by men?

Is the gaming field dominated by men?

Is the gaming field dominated by men?

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Women have been achieving quite a lot these days, giving their male counterparts a real run for their money. The same is the case with sports and games too where we see many women achievers bringing laurels to their respective countries. But is that the same case with online gaming as well? Do they have a similar appeal over there too? Do they play Rummy game and other online games eloquently? Or is online gaming just a sort of male dominant field? Let us see if the male dominance of online gaming is both logically and factually correct, as has been perceived.

Girls and mobiles:

Do women shy away from playing online games? Are they not as enthusiastic when it comes to playing them? May be that was the case once when online games had a limited reach. But with the advent of smartphones, this cannot be the situation anymore. There could not be a better love story than girls and their mobiles. Is it ever a possibility to see a girl without a mobile? So, how could they have ever missed out playing online gaming? Probably, the better part of their time on mobile usage is spent on online gaming. Now this may be just an educated guess and not an actual scenario. Well, let us look at the facts and figures now to know if indeed online gaming is a male dominated field.

Women’s involvement in online gaming:

It is a general perception that online gaming in India is men-dominated. Few years ago, “The Economic Times” carried an article claiming that 20% of online gamers are females. Now, if that was the case so many years back, you can assume safely that the female gaming population have increased considerably by now. A survey gathered by Mauj Mobile in the year 2016 states that the women gamers are more dedicated than their male counterparts. Yes, it is true that the gaming population of females is relatively less compared to males. But, it is reported that women play the games regularly when compared to men. Why not? After all, they are blessed with certain special qualities which can come in handy while playing online gaming. Women are known for their dedication as well as their ability to judge things. They are significantly adored for their bold decision-making skills. These are some of the important qualities which are needed while playing online games. So, naturally they would have an upper hand on online gaming. Those who could relate the games to their skills, knowing themselves well, would obviously start making merry playing them.

Why males are still dominant in online gaming?

Males are still dominant in online gaming yes, but only by a touching distance. Women gamers do give them a hard fight but still are relatively less in numbers. So, what could stop them from dominating the online gaming field like Rummy? Are they not good enough in playing them or not acquainted with necessary elements like how to play rummy and rules, etc.? There could be multiple reasons, but one obvious reason is online harassment by men. But again, women are quite capable in handling stalkers intelligently and in fact have thwarted such stray incidents effectively too. They have understood that these things are quite inevitable when one plays online gaming with multiple players.

Does Male domination all set to continue?

The male domination, one can safely say, is all set to end soon given the fact that not only the number of female gamers is on the rise but also women spend more time playing online games compared to their opposite sex. Earlier the games used to be one-dimensional like war games, adventure, football, etc., which may not be quite popular among the females. But these days more and more novel games hit online which are sure to attract them more like say for example, puzzles, riddles, strategy games like online rummy etc., This is not going to stop either because online gaming industry thrives on novelty. So, there are chances of introduction of more such games that suits the interest of women.  In fact, some surveys are already pointing out that 52% of online gamers are women. Whether or not it is factually correct, the female domination of online gaming is sure to become a reality in the days to come!

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