Major Online Businesses That Accept Bitcoin As Payment

Major Online Businesses That Accept Bitcoin As Payment

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Are your bitcoins “burning a hole” in your digital wallet? If you have more bitcoins than you know what to do with, we have the solution. Many online websites are accepting Bitcoin as payment for goods and services. Not sure where to start? Below, you will find a list of some of the best online stores to spend your bitcoins at. Even physical businesses are beginning to accept digital currency as payment. Since our how world is becoming more digital, shouldn’t our currency be digital, too? is one of the first online retailers to start accepting digital currencies. Since 2014, has been accepting cryptocurrency for various goods. This online shopping website allows you to pay for gadgets, household items, and other basic necessities using Bitcoin and other digital currencies. When you go to checkout on, simply select cryptocurrency as your payment option to pay for your items with Bitcoin.

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Travelling the world is a breeze with Bitcoin. The popular online travel booking site, Expedia, gives its customers the option to pay for their hotel with Bitcoin. Since 2014, customers can book their hotel and flight accommodations with digital currency. Expedia hopes to extend the use of Bitcoin for various activities and luxuries on vacations in the future.


Everyone likes to receive a gift card as a gift. Whether you need to find a quick gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any other occasion, eGifter is the perfect website to buy gift cards with Bitcoin. This popular website allows users to purchase gift cards from major businesses both on and offline. Some of the most common and most popular gift cards are Amazon, Sephora, JCPenney, Kohl’s and more. eGifter collaborated with Coinbase, which is why they are able to accept bitcoins as payment.


Do you have to have the latest gadget? Are you a tech junkie? If this sounds like you, then there is some good news for you and your bitcoins. Newegg gives consumers the option to buy the latest electronic gadgets and other items using Bitcoin. Newegg recently collaborated with BitPay as its payment processing parter, making purchasing items with bitcoins simple and safe.  However, there are certain limitations when using Bitcoin on Newegg. Bitcoin cannot be used on the following purchases:

  • Subscriptions & Memberships
  • Gift Cards
  • Pre-orders
  • Marketplace Items
  • Return Shipping Labels


The popular e-commerce website allows merchants to set up online shops so that they can sell their products via popular portals. Shopify extended the option for all of its merchants to accept Bitcoin payments in 2013. They were able to extend this offer by partnering up with Bitpay.


Now you can pay for satellite television and internet services with Bitcoin through DISH Network. DISH has been accepting digital currency payments since 2014.  DISH is one of the largest companies to date to adopt any kind of digital currency to pay for its services. It is also the first subscription based service provider to offer this option to its customers. DISH teamed up with Coinbase in order to receive digital currency payments from satellite and internet customers.

Roadway Moving Company

Roadway Moving is the first moving firm to accept Bitcoin as payment from its customers. One of the main reasons the company has adopted this new form of payment is the lack of sales tax it offers. The company accepts Bitcoin payments from customers who have a hot wallet.


Imagine being able to pay for hot and delicious pizza with your bitcoins. With PizzaForCoins, consumers now have the option of using Bitcoin to pay for pizza. PizzaForCoins does charge a small service fee to the final order, but you can pizza from anywhere in your neighborhood. Sounds like a pretty great way to spend your bitcoins, right?

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