Most Desired Luxury Amenities in Apartment Communities

Most Desired Luxury Amenities in Apartment Communities

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Luxury apartment communities are on the rise as an increasing number of renters are realizing the benefits of apartment living. Yet those who are in the market for a luxury apartment home have very distinct ideas in mind about what they want to see in that home. Here are some of the amenities that luxury apartment dwellers are willing to pay a little bit more to enjoy in their apartment communities.

  1. A Bike Center

In urban areas, an increasing number of people are eliminating their cars and opting for a bicycle or public transportation. Having a place to store and care for that bike securely is critical in an apartment community, because no one wants to bring a bike into an apartment. A bike center needs to include maintenance areas and gear as well as secure storage.

  1. Unique Fitness Opportunities

Luxury apartment community residents expect a fitness center, but they will be willing to pay more for a unique and upscale place that makes fitness fun. In addition to the treadmills and weight machines, they want to see features like flex spaces for yoga classes, technology connections for their iPod or phone, and even features like indoor climbing walls or golf simulators.

  1. WiFi Cafés

A WiFi café gives a place for residents to check email, grab coffee and socialize with their neighbors. While the apartment community likely has WiFi throughout all of the apartments, there’s something about creating a tech-savvy space for residents to socialize while they get online that makes the community seem even more luxurious.

  1. Creative Entertainment

Luxury apartment dwellers are willing to pay more for apartment communities that get creative with their entertainment. A movie theater, game room and rooftop terrace are all examples of the types of entertaining features residents appreciate in luxury apartment communities.

  1. Furnished Guest Suites

One potential drawback of apartment living is the lack of guest rooms most apartments have, but some luxury communities are making up for this by providing furnished suites for guests to use overnight when visiting residents. These suites are similar to a hotel, with similar costs, but allow residents to entertain friends or family on-site.

  1. Concierge Service

Like the rest of the amniotes of a luxury hotel, concierge service adds a bit of luxury to the apartment living experience. A concierge can call a taxi, make restaurant reservations and ensure that the resident’s on-site needs are met.

  1. Pet-Friendly Policies

Living the life of luxury often means a pampered pooch, and apartment dwellers are not going to leave their furry companions behind in order to move in to an apartment community. Luxury apartment communities that have pet friendly policies and on-site pet parks or pet salons will have more interested tenants. A pet-positive attitude is a must for the modern apartment community.

Today’s apartment dwellers are discerning in their needs and desires. By catering to these, apartment communities will find more of the right types of tenants to book for their communities.


Clare Louise

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