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Having positive online business reviews is a critical component for the success of any organization. About two-thirds of consumers search online to find a local business. Around 80% of consumers trust the reviews of a business that they find online as much as they would trust a recommendation from a personal contact.

Managing Online Business Reviews

Forbes notes that business owners dare not leave their online business reviews to mere chance. That is a recipe for disaster. There are more than 750 review sites on the Internet. A single, severely-negative review on just one of those review sites can be very damaging, especially if it is a review site that is not managed by the business. If there are very few or no other positive reviews on that site, then the overall rating could be an abysmal one out of five stars from that one bad review.

Forbes recommends that businesses pay careful attention to online reputation management. A report by the Harvard Business School concluded that the impact of a single star higher in the ratings can increase revenues for a business by up to 9%.

Reputation Management Software Solutions

There are three things necessary to manage online business reviews effectively and much of the process can be automated. The strategies include:

1) Using Incentives to Help Create Positive Reviews

By creating a special landing page for reviews, customers can be encouraged to give a review by offering them an incentive such as a coupon. These reviews are private until the business owner wants to make them public. Naturally, posting the positive reviews on the public review sites is beneficial. Keeping the negative reviews private is helpful to increase overall ratings.

2) Publishing Positive Reviews on All Review Sites and Social Media

It is very effective to use an automated process to manage the publishing of positive reviews on each of the more than 750 review sites. The automated software helps with the publishing. It also provides reports on a daily and weekly basis by monitoring the reviews. In this way, negative reviews are easily tracked.

3) Improving Customer Relations by Responding to Negative Reviews

Companies that respond quickly and effectively to negative reviews are seen by Internet users as being responsive to customer needs. It is always better to deal with irate customers than to ignore them. No one expects any business to be perfect; however, it is how an upset customer is handled that can give other potential customers confidence in the business.


Businesses that fail to manage their online reputation effectively can suffer greatly. Sometimes business owners may not even be aware that this is happening. Luckily, software automation of reputation management can now be used by business of all sizes to strengthen the online reviews and ratings for a business.


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