Passing a Drug Test: Facts and Myths

Passing a Drug Test: Facts and Myths

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Drug tests have been around for several decades now. This has provided enough time for people to get creative and find ways to cheat the system. Preparing for such tests can be scary and it is normal that you may find yourself adopting one or two of these tricks to protect yourself, especially if you have been using drugs such as marijuana lately.

The question is: how to pass a urine drug test? To help you improve your chances, here are a few myths to be wary of and a few facts to keep at your fingertips.

Myth # 1: Drinking lots of water will help you pass the test.

Fact: Large volumes of fluid will definitely flush out some drug compounds but you are not yet safe.

Frequent urination will not get rid of the metabolites in time to help you pass the test and even if it does, there are other ways around it. Creatinine is a compound produced during digestion, and its level rises rapidly when a lot of water is taken. The high level of creatinine in urine raises suspicion, which may warrant more rigorous tests.

Myth # 2: Staying for a specific amount of days without using drugs should work for you.

Fact: This is highly dependent on a number of factors.

Our bodies are biologically and physically different and so are the chemical components of various drugs. The frequency of ingestion and the speed at which people get rid of metabolites varies for different individuals. There is no standard benchmark that works for everybody.

Myth # 3: Only urine tests are used to detect drugs

Fact: There are a lot of other drug tests available

Urine tests are cheap and handy, while hair follicle tests are harder to pass, so they more reliable with results of up to 90 days. Saliva tests detect drug use within the last few days. Blood tests are employed when a comprehensive report is needed on your drug use.

Myth # 4: Home remedies can be used to mask your drug use.

Fact: Home remedies are not reliable

More often than not, the DIY remedies that promise 100% success will not help you pass the test or may even reward you with a bad stomach or a bout of diarrhoea, just keep off them.

Myth # 5:Second hand marijuana smoke can make you fail the drug test

Fact: Chances of that happening are very negligible.

For your urine to test positive for THC metabolites from secondhand marijuana smoke, you would have to be confined in a room with constant smokers and no ventilation for at least an hour. The test would have to be done within 24 hours. Even so, the amount of THC detected would unlikely warrant a failed test.

Many myths surround the drug tests. Armed with the facts, it is easy to dispel the myths and get ready to deal with your test. Drinking lots of water does not change the results. Several tests are available, but outcome depends on an individual metabolism rate and the type of drug ingested. Home remedies will not help you pass your test, and second hand smoke may harm you in several ways, but making you fail your test is not one of them.


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