Sexual Dysfunction in Women with Depression

Sexual Dysfunction in Women with Depression

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Depression as such causes emotional as well as physical disturbances which affect biological functions, such as appetite, sleep, lack of sexual desire and disinterest in sexual function. Although the relationship between depression and sexual dysfunction may be blurred, managing one condition often improves the other. And even though medications for treating depression may decrease sexual function and libido, there exist treatments for sexual disorders in women which you may take a close look at

There are multiple causes of sexual dysfunction in women with depression. First of all, when a person is depressed, brain chemicals stop functioning properly which tells on sexual desire. Then, some of the antidepressants interfere with sexual functioning in all the phases of sexual cycle. Moreover, sexual problems in depressed women, such as:

• desire disorders, when you have no interest in sex or have less desire than you used to;
• arousal disorders, when you can’t stay sexually aroused or do not feel sexual response at all;
• orgasmic disorders, when you can’t achieve an orgasm or feel pain during it;
• and sexual pain disorders, when you have pain or distress during penile penetration or after it, may also contribute to poor compliance to antidepressant medications.

If you are depressed and notice problems with sexual functioning, it’s important to talk to your doctor. Talking to your doctor openly about libido and sexual function will help him tailor treatment to minimize side effects on sexual function and significantly improve the quality of life. The doctor may try newer antidepressant medications that will not dampen sexual response, or may prescribe Womenra to counteract sexual side effects.

It is critically important to address the issue without compromising treatment for depression. Your doctor can suggest sexual dysfunction treatment, which can be taken concomitantly with antidepressant, or can refer you to a sex therapist.

Regardless of what causes sexual dysfunction, depression can perpetuate it. Breaking this cycle is largely dependent on how well these diseases are managed. Don’t ignore the problem and buy generic drugs for any psychological or physical cause of sexual dysfunction.

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