Signage: How It Can Help Your Business Grow

Signage: How It Can Help Your Business Grow

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Signage is the use of various symbols and signs to communicate a particular message to a certain group of people. Signage is commonly used for marketing or direction purposes. It could also be used for identification purposes as for road names or shop names. Signs are kind of visual graphics that are made to impart some information to the viewers. They vary in size, form, colour, shape,and font used. The design of the sign also varies based on the intent and location of where the signage needs to be put up. For example, a sign to mark a U-Turn on a road will be medium sized with bold font for ease of reading. However, a sign for a restaurant, maybe large, colorful and can use a fancy, flowy font. Today, we also come across signs that use electronic or digital displays with neon lights to make the sign more attractive.

The sole purpose of putting up signs is to convey a message and communicate with a viewer. The information displayed is designed in such a way that it engages the viewer and helps them make a decision. On the other hand, a promotional signboard is designed differently. It is designed with the motive of persuading the viewer to purchase the given product or service.

The function of signage:

  1. Providing of information: most often signs provide audiences with information regarding products, services, facilities, instructions at different places like museums, zoos, tourist attractions, parks.
  2. Persuasion: promotional signs are designed in order to persuade a viewer to purchase a product or service by showcasing the merits of the product or brand.
  3. Directions: signs, especially on roads serve as a tool to direct drivers and pedestrians using directional arrows. They show the location of services like fuel stations, phone booths, hospitals and food courts.
  4. Identification: signs are also used in offices and homes to indicate room names and numbers, washrooms and floor or flat numbers.
  5. Safety and regulatory: signs give warnings and alerts as well as safety instructions in case of natural disasters, exits, or traffic signs.

Signage boards can be purchased from a sign shop. Each shop differs in the type of sign they create. While some shops specialize in making neon and light signs, while some shops specialize in making large banner type signs. Road signs like temporary traffic control signs (road closed, work ahead etc.), regulatory signs (stop, speed limit, no right/left turn, U-turn etc.), warning signs (signal ahead, speed bump ahead, school ahead etc.), street name signs are created using a different process and thus, a different sign shop.

Sign shops give the buyer an opportunity to choose from a wide range of material from which desired sign can be created on. Materials include aluminum, wood, PVC, acrylic, them metal and sign foam. Sign shops also offer the buyer to choose from a variety of printing techniques: latex printing, CNC routing, stencils or embossment. Often, the technique used depends on the material chosen.

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