Tips to sell wine in China

Tips to sell wine in China

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The Chinese retail markets are showing a growing trend when it comes to wine delivery China. The increasing dependence on the Internet and usage of hand held devices are adding to the huge spurt in growth. The reason is that the Chinese consumers are researching and spending more time online than in physical stores.

According to Dawine, there is also a very strong focus when it comes to premium labels and there are a number of companies that have spent millions of dollars on procuring wines from different countries of the world and warehousing it.In addition, there is also a lot of money spent on the online retail platform when it comes to wines.


Much like the normal retailers, when it comes to online ones too there is keen competition. In fact, retailers such as Wangjiu markets and positions itself quite differently. There are also those that market themselves as premium wine retailers. There are others that cater to the wine customization service and target corporate clients such as media corporations, banks and other private clientele. In this kind of service, the clients are the ones that specify the style of wine and the retailer based on that style of wine procure it for the clients rather than the clients having to buy what the retailer has in stock.


There is a lot of research being conducted between the online retailers in China and their partners in France and Australia to evaluate as to which wines are most suitable when it comes to catering to Chinese palates.

The critics as well as consumers say that they were willing to pay for wines if it was in their favorite style rather than it being the other way around. Interestingly, what also came up is that there were other factors when it comes to the popularity of a style.These factors include the bottle weight, the kind of closure which has been used and even the way the label has been designed. Chinese drinker’s tastes and preferences with regards tannins and organics were also important factors in the wine style being labeled as favorite or not.

Tips to sell wine online

In order to sell wine online, it is most crucial to have the website in Chinese as well as to have SEO like as what Baidu follows. It is one of the most popular search engines in China. Wine delivery China depends a lot on the publicity of the online retailer and the kind of wine he gets. This can be increased by having key opinion leaders voice their thoughts on the wine, the service, the delivery and the taste of it.

Since most people are on Wechat in China, it can also be used as a great tool to share information about the brand, the company, events or news. Weibo too has a rate of penetration of about 88% and therefore it can be used to everyone’s advantage. Infact it is considered as a richer version of Twitter since you can write more on it and it also offers far more functions.

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