Travelling without a plan can be great!!!

Travelling without a plan can be great!!!

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The journey, not the destination matters. – T.S.Eliot.

Probably the greatest words of motivation for any true traveller. A traveller who believes that the only way to find yourself is by getting lost. And you can never plan to get lost.

Do you want to go to the place of your dreams just for the likes on Facebook & Instagram, or do you want to live the stories behind the place? If you have a plane to catch planned to the hour, you will never get to spend some time with the local shopkeeper or the village headman or the school teacher you have just met. He would have let you in on his childhood stories about the place and could have also promised to take you somewhere even more fascinating nearby. It would have made you feel more complete than a million likes on your page. The place can be anywhere in the world; the idea remains the same.

But does that mean that you should throw every worry to the wind and hop onto the next flight, train or ferry without any idea of where you are heading? That is indeed not advisable. There is something called Minimum planning, Maximum travelling and it’s an art. You master it over time. However, you travel, it’s not a crime to ensure beforehand that you have a bed to sleep on. That you have a way back home at the end of it all. You can also put the finger on the final destination you want to arrive at. However, you can let the route unfold one day at a time.

For most of us, travelling is bound to be limited by factors of time and money. We try to fit in as many places possible into the itinerary to ensure that we are not left with a feeling of loss at the end of the trip. Why don’t you rather try fitting in as many experiences possible into a smaller number of places in that itinerary? Rest assured that you will not be disappointed. And experiences cannot be planned in advance. For the money part, though its true that we might save if we book everything earlier, we also have the alternative of browsing through stunning discount schemes running all across and choose what suits us best for the next day. One such place to stumble upon some great deals is This might help you to save even more than a planned trip.

The most significant advantage that unplanned travel gives you is that of flexibility. You can decide when to start and where to stop. You can stick to a place you have fallen in love with as you don’t have a flight to catch. You can decide to spend a few days with someone you have just met as you don’t have a train booked – who knows where that might take you.

You will never be under stress even if something goes wrong. What if you catch a fever in the middle of the Canadian Wilderness. Would you instead prefer that the next 36 hours were planned to the T and you drag your sorry self to wherever your six months old itinerary points to?  Or would you rather leave it to the locals to take care of you for a few days? And in the course get a whole lot of new energy and some great stories added to your life.

You will be at a loss if you have to leave a place without having made at least one friend amongst the locals. They will let you in on their culture, their life, some of the best-kept secrets of their cuisine and so much more. You will have to give it time as you have given to any other companionship in life. That can not happen if you have to be someplace else by tomorrow afternoon.

It’s a good thing to have the first few steps planned, and it’s even better if you have a fair idea at the back of your mind about the top few things that you want to do and the must-see places that you want to cover. But that’s about it and take “Back of your mind” literally. Let everything else fall into place with each passing day. Let a new story take you to a new place every day.

Have the courage to pack your life into one travel bag. Have the dream to read every chapter of this book called The World. DON’T desire to have a reason to travel. Travel for travel’s sake alone. The idea is not to add fancy names to your “visited” list but to live every trip as if it were your last.


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