Ways to Cope Mentally with a Disability

Ways to Cope Mentally with a Disability

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No one in their right mind would want to become disabled by choice. However, you might have gotten yourself caught in an accident, which then turned you into someone who’s currently suffering from a disability. You may have initially felt shocked when your doctor told you that you’d become disabled for good. But instead of letting your negative emotions take control of you, here are some ways on how you can mentally cope with your disability so that you can ease your way into accepting your condition and marching on with your life.

  1. Allow yourself to initially grieve over your disability and then move on from it

Suddenly getting inflicted with a disability can be best compared to losing your loved one as all your body parts were already there with you ever since you were born into this world.

  • Thus, it’s only natural for you to mourn the loss of whichever parts of your body turned too weak to be of any use or were surgically removed from you.
  • However, a couple of days of mourning over your disability should be more than enough for you as letting your grief overstay its welcome can send you spiraling deep into a state of depression that can ruin your mental health.
  • You should then start focusing on your present situation and not dwell too much on the past or worry about the future.
  1. Consider going to a therapist or psychiatrist if you’re unable to cope mentally with your disability by yourself

Some people manage to cope with their respective disabilities as they’ve got the strong willpower to move forward even in the face of adversity. However, not everyone has a strong mindset like that as you might have been rendered powerless to cope with your disability after having suffered from intense bouts of depression and thoughts of suicide.

  • You should, therefore, book an appointment with a therapist or a psychiatrist who can rewire your brain so that all your negative thoughts can turn into positive ones.
  • Your therapist or psychiatrist can recommend you various coping strategies as applicable to your current situation as a disabled person.
  • However, your therapist isn’t allowed to prescribe any medication, so they might refer you to a psychiatrist instead if you need antidepressants to make coping with your disability easier for you.

  1. Demand compensation from whoever caused your disability to happen to you

Your disability may have been causing you too much distress already. Thankfully, the law allows you to make a compensation claim based on pain and suffering.

  • With the help of a lawyer, you can file a compensation claim against the insurance provider of the person responsible for your disability.
  • After you’ve successfully proven to the said insurance provider that their client’s negligent actions resulted in you becoming disabled, they’re supposed to grant your claim and award your rightful compensation, which can make it easier for you to cope with your disability.

More than 300 million Americans have a disability as of 2017 which means that you aren’t all alone in suffering from it. You shouldn’t treat your disability as the end of the world when it can pave the way for a new chapter of your life that could be more interesting than your previous one. The above-listed ways on how to mentally cope with a disability should help you learn to live with your condition and make certain adjustments as well. After all, you shouldn’t let your disability stop you from living the life that you want for yourself.

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