What Life is like Living with Diabetes as a Child and How Crowdfunding Can Help

What Life is like Living with Diabetes as a Child and How Crowdfunding Can Help

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An American mother of two daughters who both suffered Type 1 Diabetes wrote a blog about caring for her children and their condition. She broke the myth that most seem to believe; that the child simply has to deal with taking a steady daily dose of insulin.

She revealed that in reality, she had to guess the appropriate amount of insulin to inject into her children by measuring her guesses of what carbs or fats or proteins were in their food and the quantity of food they ate. She also has to take into account how much exercise they will have or have had and if they were going to sleep or attend school.

Another blogger spoke about how it was actually possible for children to eat what they liked and play sports they liked if monitored carefully, as long as parents were aware of their limits.

Now picture the mother from an Indian low income family being able to do the same for her diabetic child.

Yog Dhyan Foundation sets out to help every underprivileged and low income parent do exactly that, to empower themselves with the ability to provide their diabetic children with adequate care and guidance. And they have turned to social crowdfunding with Impact Guru to be able to achieve this feat. For 30 years, they have struggled endlessly to work with children with Type 1 Diabetes, to educate them on managing their condition, dealing with multiple injections of insulin every day, and financially aid parents who can’t manage the medical expense.

Impact Guru’s unique crowdfunding platform allows donors to enjoy tax benefits from their donations to NGOs like Yog Dhyan. The foundation provides diabetic children with a glucometer and 50-100 BG strips every month and arranges for specialists to interact with them and their parents, train them to handle insulin properly and regulate their dietary habits.

The organization runs mostly on volunteers and does not swallow a heavy logistic fee. However, medicines and tools provided to children and their parents tend to burn through donations easily. Hence, crowdfunding, having already successfully helped millions of nonprofits across the globe raise funds, was the primary choice of funding solution for the foundation.

YDF understands the pain a Type 1 affected child faces, dealing with injecting medication and micro-managing their diets on a daily basis. The foundation hopes to provide as many underprivileged diabetic children with the tools and knowledge to live as peacefully and comfortably with their disease as they can. Contribute their endeavour on Impact Guru or start your own support fundraiser to spread the word!

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