What no one tells you about concealers

What no one tells you about concealers

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Applying makeup is no less than an art. If know how to correctly apply makeup, it is a blessing. Else, it can be pretty big disaster. Various products such as primer, concealer, foundation and compact, each hold their own importance in makeup. Each product should be used step by step and correctly for that perfect look. One of the main steps involves the use of concealers. Concealers are used as color correction tools. When used in the right way and the right amount, it can be a game changer. But one wrong move can ruin your makeup. Here, we tell you about some of the secrets of applying makeup concealers that no one will tell you.

Know Your Concealer

There are several companies out there that claim to be the best brands for concealers. It is essential to check which brand suits you the best. Use Urban Decay Malaysia’s makeup concealer for any skin type, a complete concealer set comes with various colors that are needed to evenly tone the skin.

Choose the Right Shade

The right shade should be used for correction. Every color of concealer has its own job. For instance the green is to reduce spots and the lavender to balance the skin tone. Urban Decay has green, lavender, yellow, pink, peach and deep peach shades of concealers

Concealer before Foundation

The ideal way is to use the concealer before applying the foundation. As concealer is a color corrector, applying it before the foundation will help get a more even finish.

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Use Green, Yellow and Pink

The green, yellow and pink concealers can do wonders. Do not be afraid to use these colors. The experts at Urban Decay suggest that green, yellow and pink concealers are ideal to reduce redness, blemishes, dark circles and pale complexion. The 6 shades of concealers available with help you achieve a more finished and toned makeup.

Finishing Touch with Powder

Once you have finished applying the concealer thoroughly, finish it with loose powder to set it. You can buy the concealer and the loose powder from Urban Decay.

3 in 1 Concealers

Concealers can be primers and foundation as well. Some concealers are formulated to provide the effect of primers, concealers as well as foundation. Once you have applied such as concealer, you do not need to apply the foundation. You can finish the look with some loose powder.

Lightweight Concealers to Avoid Cakey Look

Concealers should be lightweight. The heavier and thicker concealers can give you a cakey look eventually through the day. The main advantage of lightweight concealers is that it is easy to blend the concealer. The job done will be perfect without any lines or crack forming after the makeup is done. Urban Decay has a range of lightweight concealer for better color correction.

Use as a Makeup Corrector

Concealers can be used as makeup correctors. It is a perfect tool to correct crooked eye liner lines or lipstick coloring outside the lip lines. The colors available with Urban Decay are ideal for such a job.


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