Why Choose LED Lights for Your Home or Office Building?

Why Choose LED Lights for Your Home or Office Building?

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The environmental sustainability of a home or office building depends on several factors such as insulation, ventilation, water and waste treatment, and illumination. The latter factor is easiest to implement during building construction and even long after construction.

Installing or retrofitting LED lights is the easiest and most affordable option when it comes to making your building environmentally sustainable and less costly to maintain in terms of energy consumption. This is particularly true for factory buildings and hospitals that require dependable round-the-clock lighting. Many types of LED light fittings can easily be installed or retrofitted in the electrical system of old buildings.

Here are some of the specific reasons why you should choose LED lights for your home or office buildings.

1. LED lights are cost-effective and energy-efficient.

LED lights consume far less energy than other types of lighting fixtures for a given amount of illumination. For example, a 40-watt bulb is equivalent only to a 3-watt LED light, but the light produced by the latter is at least as bright as the former. This means that LED lights are less expensive to use.

In terms of comparative average cost, a 40-watt incandescent bulb for a porch that is lit eight hours every night will cost about $11.90 in electricity per year while a 3-watt LED light of similar illumination will only cost about 90 cents per year. That is almost 90% savings!

Just imagine if you would replace all the incandescent light bulbs in your house or in your office with LED lights. It would translate to a significant reduction in electricity costs per month.

2. They produce soft white light.

Unlike incandescent light sources or arc-light lamps, LED lights are softer and far less irritating to the eyes for a given comparative brightness. The white light produced by LED sources is similar to ambient daylight inside a well-illuminated room. It is ideal for libraries, classrooms, offices, machine shops, and operating rooms.

Soft white light is also ideal for aesthetic purposes. It can enhance contrast and at the same time help show the real color of objects. This makes it suitable for art galleries, photo studios and artists’ studios.

3. They give off far less heat.

Incandescent bulbs, arc-lamps, and fluorescent tubes produce a lot of heat compared to LEDs for a given amount of brightness. This means that these light sources could unnecessarily increase the temperature of a room that is not properly ventilated or has no air conditioning.

Higher temperatures could also encourage the growth of bacteria and mold in humid rooms. In turn, this could lead to the proliferation of various types of communicable diseases. On the other hand, a higher temperature also means a higher risk of triggering fire.

Using LEDs solve these problems by lowering the temperature of a room without necessarily compromising the illumination and comfort.

4. They have a longer life expectancy.

The lower energy consumption and heat production of LEDs translate to a longer life expectancy. On average, LED lamps have life expectancy of over 50,000 hours. This is roughly equivalent to 13.7 years if lit for 10 hours a day.

On the other hand, the typical home incandescent bulbs have lifespans of only 1,000 hours. Compact fluorescent lamps roughly have 10,000 hours of life expectancy. LED lamps are also comprised of multiple small bulbs that may not simultaneously expire. As such, these lamps may only become dimmer as they get older.

Like plumbing systems and components, LED lamps may be used for a long time without the need for replacements or maintenance.

5. They are easier to customize for aesthetic purposes.

LED lamps come in many colors, sizes and shapes that can be arranged in a wide variety of combinations, like LED panel lights. It is recommended that professionals replace the light fixtures of a house with LEDs, but technically, even amateurs can easily customize these lights. The most common customization practice is for Christmas decorative purposes.

Choosing LEDs for your home or office has both practical and aesthetic benefits. A trusted LED lights supplier can help you determine the right kind of lights for your particular space.


Ajay Awtaney is co-founder of Nakashi General Trading LLC, an electrical lighting company in Dubai catering to the needs of clients and projects requiring quality lighting products and solutions. Nakashi General Trading LLC today is an approved vendor of reputable organisations (Jumeirah, Engineering Office, Meraas, Musanadah and Thumbay, to name a few) for supplying lighting products.


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