Motiongate Dubai marks an event unlike any other in the realm of movie magic. The park offers a lot of rides, attractions and memorable highly entertaining concert events. With Motiongate Dubai Tickets you’re able to experience probably the most incredible rides you are in the area.

The rides come in the park’s various zones including:

Columbia Pictures:

The zone features the next rides:

Zombie Blast-Off: Imagine being attacked by zombies and the only method to escape is thru a 58 metre drop tower. Seems like a dilemma but you know what, selecting the drop tower would be the best decision you’ll ever make because you’ll love it. Besides, who would like to be attacked by Zombies?

Tips: The ride requires parental discretion, should be a minimum of 130cm or taller to ride

The Eco-friendly Hornet: Ready to defend myself against our prime speed, thrilling ride? The ride goes on thrilling ride through hazardous junk yards inside a fast, thrilling vehicle.

Tips: Children below 105 cm and 130cm should be supported with a responsible


Hotel Transylvania: Does traveling in a coffin seem crazy? Not necessarily particularly when it’s matters-fun/thrills. The coffin formed carriage goes on the unique adventure in to the haunts of dracula where you’ll encounter creepy creatures including Frankenstein

Tip: Children between 90-122 cm should be supported by a grownup

Underworld 4D: A multi physical experience unlike any other taking you back in its history to witness the clash of Vampires and Lycans. Additionally you not just get look around the realm of vampires, however, you also party together.

Tip: Parental discretion wise.

Ghostbusters: Join ghostbusters within an interactive ride heading in to the temple of Gozer to have an epic fight in order to save New You are able to city.

Tip: Should be a minimum of 92 cm or taller to ride

Flint’s Imagination Lab: An enjoyable, interactive lab focused on children to do experiments on science themed slides, giant food and laboratory mazes

River Ride: An enjoyable river expedition that can take you in to the heart from the jungle where food and creatures combine to produce a new species living on another different world.

Dreamworks Pictures

Rides include:

Dragon Gliders: This is an adventurous ride as Hiccup and Toothless fly you to the forbidden Islands on the suspended ride.

Tip: Must atleast be 100 cm tall to ride

Mel-Man-Go Round: Hop in to the wonderful classical, merry go round inspired through the madagascar movie.

Tip: Must atleast be 95 cm to ride

Penguin Air: Wouldn’t going for a flight with penguins be absolutely adorable? Well, I believe it’s super cute! Get onboard the Penguin aircraft to have an adventure unlike any other.

Tip: Must atleast be 105 cm or taller to ride.

Madagascar Mad Pursuit: Get onboard the incredibly fast rollercoaster and make preparations to take a mad circus inside a bid to flee in the obsessive animal control officer.

Tip: Must atleast be 125cm or taller to ride

Swamp Celebration: Gross! You say? The experience is going to be totally worthwhile while you explore Shrek’s foggy swamp. Actually, there is also to meet up with the gorgeous Fiona because they celebrate their triplets birthday.

Tip: Must atleast be 105cm to ride

Mr.Ping’s Noodle Fling: This has to be the very best ride while you whirl and twirl on the slide carousel of noodle containers inspired by Mr.Ping’s Noodle shop from Kung fu panda.

Tip: Ideal to see relatives, must atleast be 90 cm or taller to ride

Kung Fu Panda: How brave are you currently because poor Po needs your hands in preserving his taken buddies in the villain warlord? This is an epic adventure and you will function as the one can provide relief.

Tip: Must atleast be 105 cm or taller

The swinging Viking: Recall the movie-How you can train your dragon? The ride is inspired through the movie and you’re able to join the viking twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut to hijack a spead boat. Are you able to hack? You will find on the experience.

Tip: Must atleast be 120cm or taller

Camp Viking: Dedicated for kids to sign up in internet crawls, dodging dragons and firing water guns.

Smurfs Village

Rides and attractions include:

Smurf Berry Factory: Dedicated for the whole family, the berry factory enables you join your children inside a smurf factory while you collect berries flying everywhere.

Woodland Play Park: The wide outside park hosts a variety of fun activities for the children to take part in.

Smurf Village Express: A rollercoaster suited to children. It requires the small ones with an adventure with the smurf village.



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